It has been commonly seen that people forget to remove their Apple ID from the iOS devices when they stop using it or sell it. This creates a problem for the user who buys it. Especially taking the advancement in the Apple technology, it is completely offering security services to users which creates the need to remember the Apple ID and password. So, if you buy a second-hand iPhone and the device is locked with someone else Apple ID then that device is none of your use until and unless you unlock the iCloud bypassing the Apple ID lock. This may sound very complex but here we will provide simple and detailed steps to make it easy for you. Here, you will get the way for how to bypass the iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad.

Unlocking the iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad

If you are buying your iPhone from your friend or from eBay, you might get this general situation when the iCloud of the iPhone is locked with the previous owner of the device. Suppose if you are not capable of making any contact with the previous owner then what will be your next step. It is quite obvious that you are not familiar to his Apple ID and password. In such a situation, you must switch to bypass the iCloud lock for the quicker solution. Else, you can also unlock it by visiting your nearby Apple Store. However, the later one will be hectic. So, it is preferable to go for the former one.

In the year 2014, “iCloud Activation Lock” was introduced by the Apple for iPhone and iPad ensuring the high security and privacy settings to iOS device users. As per this feature, all your Apple device e.g., iPhone, iPad and Apple watch can be accessed only it’s a real owner with some set of the password. This is done as the iCloud account of these devices are logged in with the personal Apple ID of the user. This locks provides security to iOS devices and the user needs to enter the password every time when they want to install any application or get access to iTunes. All the access to the iOS devices is locked with a personal iCloud account which requires the login details of the account. Without entering the iCloud user ID and password, no one can use the device accessing the features of iPhone. It is important to set up the iPhone before using it which can only be done by logging into the iCloud account. However, you can use your phone functions like taking pictures, making a call, etc., after setting up your iPhone. So, it is important to know the Apple ID and password to access the iPhone. If you have no clue to use your iPhone other than going to Apple office, then don’t worry. Here we are with the ultimate solution to bypass the iCloud lock if you are not capable to fulfil all credentials set by Apple. Simply go through the article completely and get your iPhone free from the unwanted Apple account.

How to Unlock the iPhone from iCloud Lock for Free


If your iPhone is locked with the iCloud lock then you may have to spend money to unlock it if you are going to an Apple store. You can’t access any of the features of iPhone until and unless you unlock it or simply log in to the iCloud account. Here we are with the simplest solution to unlock your iPhone which will not require a single penny of yours and will return your iPhone as you want it to be. This way can easily bypass the iCloud activation lock and enable you to access your iOS device completely. Follow the steps to unlock the iPhone using this method.

Step 1: Hold your iPhone and open it. You will see a message “Activate iPhone”  displayed on the iPhone screen then, press the home button. After that, a menu will appear on the screen, tap on “Wi-Fi” settings. You will see a symbol of Wi-Fi there. Besides that, “i” is present, tap on that. A screen containing the settings of DNS will appear. Here you need to change the DNS settings of the iPhone. For that, there are DNS settings given below, which you need to type in the space provided there. All the DNS settings mentioned are according to the location of the user. Type the respective DNS settings as per your location.

  1. USA-
  2. Europe-
  3. Asia-
  4. Others-

Step 2: After entering the code mentioned above, click on the “Back” button and then tap on “Done”. After that, select “Activation help”. After clicking on that, you will see a message appeared on your iPhone screen saying, ‘ You have successfully connected to my server’. Now, you can tap on the menu button to explore the various iCloud services of the iPhone. You can access iCloud locked user chat, Maps, Social, Mail, YouTube, Games, Video, Images and other interesting services on your iPhone.

Hence, by following these two simple steps, you will be able to unlock your iPhone and start using it enjoying its advanced features. You can set up your Apple ID and lock your device providing all the security services offered by iCloud. iPhone has all the basic and advanced security settings inbuilt in the device. You can easily maintain them and keep your iPhone secured using its features.

Unlock Your iPhone iCloud Lock Using Official iPhone Unlock


It has been seen that people failed to unlock their iPhone completely bypassing the iCloud lock many times. There are some features which are still locked even after unlocking the iCloud account. This will not enable the user to access all the features of iPhone entirely. Overall, the user gets untouched with the complete taste of iPhone. Moreover, if you have your iPhone upgraded with iOS 8 and iOS 9 version then only you can use the free method to unlock your iPhone. These limitations hamper many users to use handy methods to unlock the iCloud lock on iPhone. Furthermore, even if they successfully unlock their iPhone anyhow, their device will not work properly as it should. All these problems call for another method which will unlock the iPhone along with the promise of its proper functionality and workability. Any problem seen while working with the iPhone will not let it work as it should and you will lose the money that you invested to buy the iPhone. Other than all these consequences, the free version is only applicable in the specific region of the world. There are some countries from where you can’t use this free method to unlock your iPhone.

If you have found any of the above-mentioned problems or you are worried about the trouble that can harm your iPhone then feel free to use Official iPhone Unlock to unlock your iOS device. This is the most hassle-free way to unlock the iPhone without keeping the life of the device in danger or on any condition. Official iPhone Unlock has unlocking inbuilt tools which are simple and safe to use. You can remove the iCloud activation lock from the previous owner’s Apple ID by using the iCloud Activation Lock Removal tool of Official iPhone Unlock. Since there are tools that are used to break the lock of the iCloud so you need not to take complex steps to use it. All you need to follow a few simple steps to activate its seamless tool. After removing the previous owner’s account, you can set up your own and enjoy using your iPhone. Follow the steps mentioned below to use the Official iPhone Unlock.

  1. Open the Official iPhone Unlock on your web browser.
  2. Check the IMEI/Serial number of your device. You will find a web portal asking about the details of the device. You need to select the model of the handset and enter the IMEI/Serial number there. And then send it to the server of Official iPhone Unlock.
  3. You will receive a confirmation message saying you that your iPhone has been unlocked from the iCloud lock.
  4. Create your own iCloud account and log in to the iCloud. Now, enjoy using your device with your new set up.

It is important to note that this tool is not free for the user. You need to pay to remove the iCloud lock from your device. Moreover, this tool is applicable to almost all types of iPhone models which includes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and Air 2. It also works on other iOS devices.

Official iPhone Unlock is more preferred than free iCloud lock unlock method as there are many limitations carried with it. While Official iPhone Unlock is a simple platform having safe and effective tools which can unlock the iCloud lock from any part of the world no matter where you are. It does not have any such problems accompanied with it which can out the user in a dilemma. However, you need to pay some amount of money to access this service. But, that amount is not more than the harm caused to your iPhone by going for the free version. You need to pay only a couple of dollar pounds and get your iPhone free from the previous owner’s iCloud lock. So, if you have spent hundreds of dollars to get your iPhone then you can pay this little about for its safeguard. So, Official iPhone Unlock is the best option available to unlock your iOS device bypassing the iCloud lock.

There are several other iCloud unlocking tools available on the web. However, you can’t trust them blindly without checking its verified usage for unlocking the iPhone. You can put your iPhone life in someone’s hand who is not experienced. So, before you take any decision taking your iPhone you must ensure the complete security and privacy of the iPhone. CellUnlocker is one of the trusted unlocking services for iPhone. It is tested and the cheapest service provider. You can also go for this to unlock your iPhone.

If your iPhone is locked, you will need to provide the iCloud username and password even to use your iphone to make calls, text messages and send emails. So, if your iPhone is locked with someone’s else Apple ID then it is useless for you until and unless you unlock it. We have provided all the best and simplest method to unlock the iPhone. If you have used any other method or finding any problem to use the methods mentioned above, feel free to put your doubts in the comments section.

Tips: Restoring Lost Photos and Videos from iPhone


If you have deleted some of your pictures or videos from your gallery, then there is a straightforward way to Recover Deleted Files iPhone back.

After you delete the media files from your gallery, be it photos or videos, then you must know that IOS has a feature that the deleted media files doesn’t get deleted immediately, but it gets compiled to a temporary folder from where it gets deleted after 30 days. If you lost data after you updated to a new iPhone, you can always use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get the data back from the old iPhone or backup. Should you wish to recover these files, you must go to that “recently deleted” folder and retrieve these files before 30 days.

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