How to choose the right printer for your startup

A printer is an essential tool that will support any startup or small business in its growth. You want a reliable, high-quality printer that will perform well, on a low budget. There is lots to be done in a start-up business and therefore you want a fast-moving, quality printer that can keep up and support your business goals. Consider the suggestions below when choosing a printer for your start-up business.

Choose a printer with low ink costs

A smart decision is to choose a reliable printer that also has low ink costs. It’s no secret that the biggest expense over time is not the printer itself or the paper, but the ink cartridges. Lower ink costs will bring you the greatest savings over time. There are a number of inkjet models that are affordable and come with lower priced ink cartridges. For example, many printers in the Brother range are designed with lower ink costs in mind. That way you can print for longer with Brother ink cartridges.

The best way to figure out how much a printer will cost you in the long term is to calculate the cost-per-page. You can get this by dividing the price of an ink cartridge by the number of pages the cartridge is expected to print.

Choose an all-in-one multifunctional printer

With an all-in-one business printer, you can print, copy and scan important documents, contracts, training supplies and more. Whether your business is product or services focused, a multifunctional printer is your best friend when it comes to organising your schedule and achieving your business goals.

Multifunctional printers allow you to scan existing documents and to copy them or save them as files. This is very handy for keeping paperwork organised as you can save documents as PDFs. Digitalising files allows you to to easily access them and reduces the need for a larger space- ideal for startup situations.

Choose a WiFi printer so you can connect anywhere

Wireless printers are extremely convenient as there is no need to set up the device using wires and cables. You can also typically connect a computer or laptop to the device without installing drivers.

They also provide handy mobile and cloud printing features. You can quickly and easily share your documents, photos, or PDFs to the google cloud app. You can then choose your printer and select your preferred print options, and print instantly from your mobile phone.

The ability to print from anywhere and from multiple devices is particularly convenient for startup businesses, where you are more likely to be working with limited space or perhaps working in a shared hub. This flexibility will come in handy in any work environment.

Choose a colour printer to print your own promotional material 

When you’re just starting out with your business, the last thing you want to do is fork out big money on a professional printers. However, you do want to ensure your brand messaging is on point. You can easily ramp up your brand’s image in a personal and professional way by using your office printer. 

There are many free templates available on Microsoft Word, or other cheap design tools such as Canva. Use your printer to print high quality business cards, letterheads, branded envelopes, and even flyers and brochures.

To print high quality promotional material with your business printer, you’ll need to buy coloured ink for the printer. With coloured printer ink at your disposal, you can create vivid, eye-catching designs. You can also benefit from the convenience and cost savings that a multipack of ink provides.

We hope these suggestions will aid you in your startup journey. Choose the right printer that will support your business and employees as it grows and thrives. For other tips and cheap office supplies, check out