How to Create a Comfortable Home Office


One of the benefits of the introduction of fast internet connection and modern communication technologies is the ability to work from home. Globally, the number of people working from home continues to increase as more companies accept this new way of working. Working from home requires you to have a comfortable office room where you can hide from the distractions at home. How you equip your office determines your productivity, especially if you plan to spend a bigger part of your working hours in that office. Below are some home office set-up ideas from people who have experienced working from home.

Add Some Natural Light

Adding some natural light improves moods and reduces eye strains. People who enjoy an abundance of natural light also have fewer mistakes in their work and are less likely to feel sleepy during work time. You can position your office close to a window to take advantage of natural light during the day. You should also ensure that the monitor’s position is free from the incoming sunlight’s glare. Have curtains that can block the rays and still keep the natural light whenever the rays are too bright.

Make It Tidy

Having too much on your desk or in the office space may do you more harm than good. Ensure that the working area only has the necessary items by creating extra home office storage inside the office. The additional space can be drawers beneath the working space or shelves on the wall. Keep all paperwork in the extra storage unless it is work in progress and clear everything else except the computer, your phone and maybe a digital clock. Too much sticky notes and calendars on the wall also make the office space untidy.

Reduce the Cords

Your office may have various types of electric equipment, but that should not warrant having cables all over the space. Too much cable makes cleaning harder, plus they are also a health hazard. The secret to reducing the number of cords on the floor is to position the electric equipment closer to the power source and running the wires through a desk grommet to hide them from the surface. Wireless devices such as a wireless mouse and printer are also a better option if the cords are an issue.

Personalise the Workspace

This part involves letting the workspace reflect your personality. You can bring in some greens if you love nature or paint the walls with the colour that you like. A home office is the only place where you can build your dream office and add features that may not be acceptable at your work office. Everything is acceptable at a home office as long as it won’t affect your productivity.

Bring in Some Plants

Plants are a common decoration in both tradition and home offices. Adding a plant brings a feeling of calmness by adding life into the office, plus it will also help in eliminating airborne toxins from chemicals like furniture polish and printer ink. Natural plants also humidifiers, meaning they will reduce discomforts such as dry eyes, sore throats and many more.