How To Create A Facebook Advert That Stops People In Their Tracks

We’ve become a little obsessed with Facebook adverts here at JCount. Why? Because they work so brilliantly! For a small business, with a limited budget, nothing reaches your target audience in the same way. Plus, Facebook makes the whole process easy with a step-by-step guide.

We’ve been experimenting a lot to bring you this article today. However, we also wanted some input from the experts. So, we reached out to a PPC management company for more advice. In this post, you’ll find a combination of the best tips, tricks, and suggestions to make sure your Facebook advert works perfectly. Let’s get stuck in.

Decide what to advertise

When you set up a Facebook advert, you need to choose what you want to promote. The social media platform gives you plenty of options here, and each has their benefits. The first option is ‘boosting’ an existing Facebook post. You can take a particularly popular post of yours, and give it another kick. You’ll pay extra money to reach friends of your followers, or new leads entirely. Secondly, you can advertise your Facebook business page. This encourages more likes and more views on your page. Lastly, you can send Facebook users to your website or product with a targeted advert. This is a good way to get your business off the ground. Decide which is most important to you and stick with it.

Choose great imagery

Imagery is the single most important factor when it comes to Facebook adverts. Think about how you currently use social media. You scroll down the timeline quickly. You only stop when an image catches your eye. You’ve got to make sure your image stops people in their tracks! Not only that, but Facebook’s algorithm is tweaked in favour of good images. They get more likes too! Recently, Facebook have also been treating video content more favourably as well. Consider making a short video advert if you want to reach more people!

Make it highly targeted

Facebook ads are great because you can define the audience with laser precision. Facebook collects so much data about our lives, including personal interests. That means it can pass that information on to you. Want to target people whose favourite film is Star Wars? Easy. Want to target only 23 year old guys who live in London and own a dog? Simple. Make sure your advert is highly targeted to people who will respond to it.

Get straight to the point

If you’ve got great imagery, and it’s targeted specifically, you’ve done the hard work. Now, you just need to seal the deal with a persuasive line of copy. This is where lots of businesses lose customers. Because they throw the wording together at the last minute. Or they try to be too clever, witty, or irreverent. The best copy here is straight to the point, and commanding. You’ve only got a small space to work with. Make it count. Make your customer feel compelled to click on it!

Follow this advice, and you’ll create an advert that demands attention. One last piece of advice before you leave: test, test, test. Try a variety of adverts with different images, copy, and audiences. Which works best? Good luck, and let us know about your Facebook advertising success stories!

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