How to Find Concerts Near Me

There’s something quite phenomenal about experiencing music live. Perhaps it’s the authenticity of the performance or the chance to see your favorite artists up and close. In either case, tons of music-lovers have been asking, “how do I find concerts near me?”. If you’re one of them, keep reading for more information.

Each year, a variety of artists are on the road touring and holding concerts for their fans. Concerts are events where the artists get to give back the love they receive from their supporters. It is the perfect opportunity to interact with the stars themselves and just let off some steam, have a blast away from routine life.

In today’s tech-driven world, finding a concert near you is super-easy. If you have a smartphone with internet services, the search is practically half done. To understand how this all works, we’ll be giving all the necessary details. Find out about apps and filters that fetch you concerts near you to tips on how to get the best concert tickets. Use this website to help best the best tickets.

To find concerts near you, all you need to make sure is that your device ‘location’ is on. It will allow the concert tracking apps and websites to know where you are and suggest a list of events nearby.

Once you’ve ensured your location is on, open the app or browser to begin the search. Within a matter of seconds, at least a dozen concert suggestions will pop up on your screen. However, do look before you leap. Not all apps and websites are reliable. So, get some research done before settling on one. 

What you can do is ask regular concertgoers or friends to suggest which ones are the most reliable before taking your pick. Or maybe look up reviews online. A second opinion can be helpful if you’re looking for exceptional service.

After settling on a resource you trust, you’ll be presented with a list of concerts that are coming to your location. If you already have a particular artist in mind, you can narrow down your search using the ‘filter by artist’ search box. Concert apps and websites usually have ‘filter by artist,’ ‘filter by date,’ and ‘filter by genre’ search boxes to help streamline the search.

For instance, say you want to attend a Lana Del Rey concert. Pop in her name on the ‘filter by artist’ search box. And if there are any of her concerts taking place near you, the filter will fetch you those. It’s that simple. You can then take your pick depending on your preference of date.

As for the ‘filter by date’ search box, it’ll help you find upcoming concert events on dates that you like, if there are any. When you have a tight schedule, getting a suitable date can be a lifesaver. You don’t have to keep worrying about work clashing with the concert and can plan out your schedule accordingly.  

Finally, there is the ‘filter by genre’ search box. You can use this box if you don’t mind whichever artist is playing and just want to attend a concert of a particular musical style. Use the filter to choose from a wide range of genres, including pop, rock, country, folk, hip-hop, jazz, alternative, and several others. It’s not difficult to find concerts near you when you know how to look for them. 

You could also find concerts near you via social media. You can keep your eyes wide open for updates by your favorite artists on such platforms. That’s one simple way to keep tabs on any upcoming events. And besides, verified fans on social media have the chance to get special presale codes and other exciting perks.

Getting around in the concert world requires some knowledge of how things work and some finesse. And with these tips, you’re all set to go concert hunting.

After you’ve found a concert you would like to attend, you can proceed to get concert tickets.  The ‘view tickets’ or ‘get tickets’ button is usually displayed alongside the details for the concert. Press on it, and you’ll be guided to the ticket portal for the event.

Each ticket for a concert will be labeled according to the seats they provide. And yes, the ticket terminology can certainly be confusing for first-timers. So, to have a clear idea of what seats you’re getting tickets for, you can find websites that display a seating chart. It makes the process of getting your desired seats a whole lot smoother.

There are plenty of options to get great concert tickets at reasonable prices. It includes presale events and resales. You could even wait a week till the event to purchase tickets. That’s usually when ticket prices drop drastically, causing what are called steal deals! Although the case isn’t the same for all tickets.  While GA (General Admission) tickets do get real cheap, prices for VIP tickets remain quite the same because of all the perks they provide.

As for presales, the dates are released on the artist’s official website ahead of the event. It’s not always that an artist offers a presale, but when they do happen, it’s an excellent opportunity to get amazing seats if you’re lucky. You’ll need to register, sign up, be verified, or be a part of a club to be a part of the event.

Presales require a unique code for fans to be able to take part in the event. On the other hand, Resales are when a person resells a ticket they purchased through a trusted or verified seller. Tickets you get on resales can be either costlier or cheaper (if you’re lucky) than the original price.

Final Comments

Irrespective of the part of the country you’re living in, there’s undoubtedly going to be at least a few banger concerts coming to your location. There’s a whole lot of talent and a whole lot of opportunities for a great time. Next time you want to catch a break and are wondering if there’s a concert near you, try out these tips to make sure you make it to one.