Today’s typical consumer is driven more by visuals and sound. Because of their increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, people rarely have time to sit down and read. This is the reason why businesses and their respective marketing teams are looking for eye-catching and creative ways to get attention and retain it. How do you make sure that your target audience absorbs as much information in as few words as possible? Video marketing and graphic advertising are the way to go.

Creating a really good video is more than just filming scenes or splicing graphics and special effects together. It requires careful planning to make sure that the key objective is met. It also requires an expert eye for what’s truly vital to the production, or else you will end up with one hot mess of a recording that tries to be everything at the same time. It’s not just about shooting and editing; it’s about helping clients conceptualise and then translate their concepts into bits of digestible visuals and sounds that the audience with a short attention span can understand and appreciate.

Best Video Production Agencies in Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne, we have a wealth of talent when it comes to providing stellar videos to support businesses. But just like any other industry, it’s also not without its share of duds. Here are some tips on finding the best Melbourne video production company.

  1. Know what you want to achieve first before you start looking for a video maker.

You can’t ask a video production company to make everything for you from scratch. While there are awesome and talented artists out there, your vision is yours and it is their job to give it life in another form. They cannot build your goals for you—so this is the first thing that you should identify even before considering any production agency. When you know what you want, it will be easier to communicate with the producer and you both can arrive at an agreement on the theme of the video much faster.

  1. Ask for samples of their previous work.

Have a look at the videos that are posted on their website or other clients’ websites. Are you able to understand the message of the videos? Are they produced with high quality? Are they unique and creative? Did the videos make you feel good about the company that they are representing?

  1. Request a face-to-face meeting and be ready with your questions.

Having an in-person meeting with your candidate video producers is a great way of gauging if you can work well together. Make it informal, but do lay all your cards down this early. Let them know of your expectations, limitations, and vision—and then see if they respond positively or if they are showing some hesitation. Face-to-face meet-ups can also reveal how conscious they are about time and how they communicate with their clients.

Of course, one of the most important elements in hiring a corporate video production agency is their fee and if it aligns with your budget. If not, find out what they can offer that is well within your expense ceiling so you know what to expect. Also ask if they are available on your specific dates, or find a way to fix a schedule that will be convenient for both parties.