There is no doubt that Etsy is the place where customers can buy unique, handmade items that are difficult to find elsewhere. Etsy offers great diversity at affordable prices, and the rules of the platform are oriented toward protecting the interests of consumers. But is this enough to make buyers feel secure that they will have a positive experience and that their expectations will be met? And what gives them the confidence to pay you money for an item they cannot see and touch? What can you do to convince your clients that your listings reflect reality and that the items you sell are fit for purpose? In other words, how can you win the trust of customers, turn them into buyers and improve your conversion rate?

A study shows that the majority of buyers decide to make a purchase only after they have consulted the reviews left by other buyers before them. In fact, 90% of people read customer reviews beforehand, and 88% trust those reviews. This means that reviews have a serious impact on customer behavior and can motivate buyers to make or refrain from a purchase.

Why are the opinions of previous customers so important for future customers?

They build trust in the brand

It’s difficult to build trust between buyers and sellers in an online shopping environment, as the parties don’t have a chance to come into direct contact. This creates a sense of insecurity that can be best alleviated by sharing the opinions of previous clients. The bigger the trust in your shop, the higher the probability of prospective clients to make a purchase and spend more.

They provide additional information

However hard you try, it simply isn’t possible to list all the specs and features of your items in the description. Not to mention that you can never anticipate all the questions your clients may have. This is why reviews are a source of additional information for everyone interested in the item and in your overall service.

Moreover, the opinions of your previous customers contain information that is useful for your own business. They could give you insights on how to improve your products or your customer service. You can even get ideas for new items to make.

Customer ratings are one of the factors determining your ranking in the platform

Having good SEO is crucial for your Etsy success, and any effort in that direction will bring you higher customer traffic resulting in more sales. This is yet another reason to aim to leave a good impression by offering a quality product and treating your clients with care.

How to get high ratings and great reviews

Now that we have covered why customer reviews are extremely important, let’s talk about the best ways to secure them.

The most important fact you should have in mind as an Etsy shop owner is that your business depends on the level of satisfaction of your clients. The amount of effort you throw into every aspect of your work — from creating an item to finalizing an order — will have an impact on how buyers feel about your brand. Whether they will come back for more items, bring you new clients, or feel disappointed with your brand depends entirely on you! And don’t forget that an unhappy customer can do more damage to your business than a happy one can do good.

Provide truthful and thorough information

  • Write detailed descriptions of your items. Include information about size, materials, functions, hidden characteristics, maintenance instructions, etc.
  • Illustrate with appropriate images and short videos that clearly show the shape, color, scale, variations, and other physical characteristics of your item.
  • Duly write down your shop policies. This not only improves your ranking but also instills a sense of security in your prospective customers.

The more information the customer has, the more confident they will feel, which will in turn prompt them to make a purchase with less hesitation.

Make sure to offer quality products

At the end of the day, customers are mainly paying for the product itself. So, the satisfaction of your customers will invariably depend on the materials, execution, vision, functionality, and trendiness of your products.

However low your prices may be, however smooth your communication and distribution, the customer will always leave a bad review if the product itself isn’t good. When a customer orders a dress from an Etsy shop and receives a garment of low-quality fabric, with loose stitches and botched buttons, the customer will be disappointed, no matter how cheap the dress was, how quick the delivery came, and how politely the seller behaved.

Only set expectations that you can meet

If you want to get great reviews, don’t overpromise. Your goal is to set reasonable expectations with your shop visitors about the items they will receive.

In their desire to achieve better sales, some online shops tend to “puff up” their listings. However, the resulting discrepancy between expectations and reality will stir up negative emotions in customers.

Check the reviews of your competitors

Analyzing the reviews of your successful competitors could be very useful. In the reviews, you can see what their customers love about their products and what more they expect from them. You could use this information to either avoid the same mistakes in your shop or to make sure that you won’t miss something that your potential customers might expect from you.

With a tool like Koalanda, you can easily search through all Etsy shops, find your competitors, organize them in lists, and track their behavior over time.

Try to exceed your clients’ expectations

Simply refraining from giving your clients misleading information isn’t enough; you should always strive to surpass their expectations. Make it your goal to pleasantly surprise all buyers. You could add a “Thank You” card, a personalized message, a discount code, or a small gift to the dispatched item.

Don’t underestimate the importance of communication

Make it a point to respond quickly (within 24h of the first message) and accurately to the messages and questions you get on Etsy. A timely response indicates that you take your business seriously and will have a reassuring effect on your prospective customers. To make sure that you always reply without delay, you could install the application Sell on Etsy or benefit from the Saved replies option.

Do your best to address each customer individually. This will show that you don’t treat your customers as mere wallets you seek to empty.

It’s a good practice to get in touch with the buyer after the order and delivery have been executed. Find out whether they’re happy with the purchase, whether they have additional questions, and let them know you remain at their disposal.

Fast and sure delivery

Every online shopper has experienced that aggravating feeling you get after you place an order. The excitement of making the purchase is quickly replaced by the annoyance of awaiting its delivery. You have probably felt this too, so you can understand the position of your clients.

Do your best to ensure optimal processing and delivery times. Use the services of secure couriers and provide tracking numbers. In case of delays or lost shipments, try to appease the displeased customer and assist them in ascertaining the reasons behind the issue.

How to ask your clients to share their opinions with other buyers on Etsy?

If you are certain that a buyer is happy with your product and service, you are in your right to ask for a review/rating. In fact, Etsy does that for you, but if you’re really counting on getting that review, don’t rely on the languid nudges of the platform.

Many sellers on Etsy don’t feel comfortable asking for reviews, fearing that their requests will be seen as spam and will irritate the customer. You shouldn’t worry about that. Asking is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t push too hard or do it more than once.

Here are several possible ways to invite your clients to share their experience with your Etsy shop:

  • The first opportunity is presented by the platform itself through the email confirming a placed order. For this purpose, you can avail of the “Message to buyers” option. However, don’t get your hopes high with this one, as your client still hasn’t received and seen your product.
  • It is also appropriate to add a “Thank You” card to the shipment and let your client know that you’re counting on their feedback.
  • Once the buyer has already received your item, you could send a quick message asking whether they’re happy with it and use the occasion to ask for a review/rating.


Don’t forget that your customers’ opinions can shoot your business into the skies, but can also ruin it to the ground. The most important factor for keeping your clients happy is to offer a quality product that matches their expectations. In order to get many great reviews, you also have to invest time in good communication. Think regularly about what you can improve in this regard so that your efforts to create items and optimize listings don’t go in vain.