How To Grow YouTube Subscribers With YouTube Intro Makers

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There are so many content creators out there making money through their YouTube channels. Not only that, YouTube has become a popular search engine for viewers. Instead of searching on Google and scrolling through the search results, people prefer “Youtube-ing” stuff and watching multiple videos to get answers to their queries, picking up new skills, etc. All those who run their YouTube channels would know the importance of subscribers to your channel. The number of subscribers on your channel leaves an impression on the first-time visitor. You only want them growing. Youtube platform also offers you special privileges with the increase in subscribers. All the content creators out there want the mass reach of their videos. They spend a lot of time and effort to create. There is a reason why YouTubers urge you to “like, subscribe, and share” in almost every video. The reason is simple – to gain viewers’ viewership and loyalty for the content they would be posting in the future.

There are many ways that content creators resort to gaining subscribers. Some of them spend money to gain subscribers, while some like to do it organically by enhancing the quality of the content and the video they are posting. Word of mouth also plays an important role. When someone likes your video or finds it informative, that person also tends to share it across other platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, or any other social media platform. This is a part of earned media as you tend to gain more viewers and subscribers without spending a single penny!

Sometimes, when your video goes viral, your channel gains popularity as it gets featured on other online media channels/pages. Such popularity also brings in more business in the form of future collaborations.

In this article, we will share with you some tips that you can follow to grow your YouTube subscribers with the help of YouTube intro videos.

YouTube intro videos and intro makers

YouTube intro videos are the introduction videos you include in the first few seconds of your main video. It is a concise video that sets the context for the rest of your video. The purpose of including an intro video is to grab the viewer’s attention in the very beginning.

Like many online video editors, there are also a lot of online YouTube intro video makers available to help you make the perfect intro video. These online tools are dedicated to assisting you in making a creative intro video.

6 Tips to follow while creating captivating Youtube intro videos and increasing followers

Make them Eye Catchy

When you make the first few seconds of your video eye-catchy, you are also setting an expectation in the viewer’s minds that the remaining part of the video is also going to be fun and exciting. This will make the viewer want to watch the whole video.

Introduce your brand

You can use the first few seconds of your video to introduce your brand, the speaker, and what your video will be about. You might also want to highlight your logo in one part of the frame in the first few seconds. Your intro video gradually becomes a part of your brand identity. If you are running a YouTube channel, you might want to keep a standard intro video for all your video content. It helps the viewer identify your brand and assure them about the quality of the video. Brand building is essential when it comes to video content.

Make them interactive

The video form of content is already engaging for the viewers. However, adding an interactive element would be like icing on the top. You can change the tone and style of addressing your target viewers depending on which segment they fall in. For example, if your video is for kindergarten students, you might want to make it interactive by using animations and cartoon characters or any other style that you find suitable. Whereas, if your video is addressed to school teachers, you might want to keep the tone of your intro formal and professional. The interactivity of the videos is a significant factor for all kinds of videos.

Please keep it simple

It is a good practice to set the base first in the initial part of the video. Avoid starting your videos with heavy definitions and core concepts. Try to keep it simple in the beginning and build upon it gradually. This helps make your viewers stick to your video for a longer duration.

Keep it short

The ideal duration of an intro video for YouTube is between 10 to 15 seconds. It would be best if you kept it short and crisp. Do not try to make it longer just for the sake of it, as it might bore the viewer.

Go bonkers with your creativity

The video content market is already saturated. Your video has to be curated perfectly from all aspects to make it stand out. You should include some element of style that is unique to your video, which will make the viewers come back and watch it again. Include some cool music, backgrounds, transition effects to craft that impactful intro video. If you are making something like this for the first time, try picking up a template and customizing it.

An impactful intro video will stay in the viewer’s mind until the end. They would naturally want to watch more of your content when you post them. People these days have a lot of fear of missing out (FOMO), and to avoid that, they would want to subscribe to your channel so that they are the first to watch the newly dropped videos on your channel. You need to make your intro video so that it matches the level of your main video.

So, start looking for online intro video makers and put your creative hat on! Once you get the hang of making intro videos, try your hand at making outro videos for your Youtube videos, keeping these above tips in mind.