How to Make Product Images Larger Online or in Software with Vance AI

Have you ever tried to make a small product image larger? Enlarging images seems like as easy as changing the values of width and height, however, at the cost of quality. Turning small product images into larger ones without losing quality is a big challenge. Simply enlarging a product image at pixel level often degrades the quality, making it blurry and pixelated. Example American Sign Company uses this technology for its sites.

The importance of clear and high-resolution images does not mean you should always trash all small product images. With the advance of AI enlargement technology, an AI image solution provider, Vance AI, makes it possible to enlarge small product images without diminishing quality online or in software.

Online Solution: Vance AI Image Enlarger  

AI Image Enlarger is an AI-driven image enlarger using which you can make product images larger without losing quality. Enlarging images up to 2x, 4x and even 8x is as easy as one click thanks to AI technology. It slashes editing time so that you have more time for driving growth. Just drag and drop a product image to the image enlarger. In seconds, you will be able to download the high-resolution image for websites. 

How to Make Product Images Larger with Vance AI Image Enlarger?

Step 1:Upload a small product photo to the AI Image Enlarger

Select a photo from your device or drag & drop an image to the uploading page.

Step 2:Enlarge image by 2x, 4x or even up to 8x 

Under free trial (5 images per month), you can choose to enlarge image by 2x or 4x. Then click “Start” to move on. 6x or 8x are only available to paid users. 

Step 3:Download the enlarged product image for free

Wait a few seconds before you can download the clear and crisp product image for free.

Desktop Solution: Vance AI Image Enhancer

Vance AI Image Enhancer is a dedicated software that you can easily use to enlarge images in seconds. The Image Enhancer will not make you confused with too many options. All you need to do is upload an image and choose a scale ranging from 1 to 40x. Then AI will enlarge image automatically. It’s that easy. The AI software allows you to enlarge images up to 40x, which tops most of its rivals on market. You can also choose to denoise, sharpen or colorize images with the software.

How to use

Step 1: Download and install the Image Enhancer from the official website

Step 2: Run the software and upload a small image to it 

Step 3: Choose a scale from 1 to 40x and the image will be enlarged automatically

Step 4: Click “Save” to download the result 


If you are looking for the easiest way to enlarge product images for crisp and clear effects, the AI Image Enlarger can be your top choice. AI can do something more creative. Vance AI also offers a new tool Image Cartoonizer to turn your portrait into a cartoon to build better social media presence. Are you going to try the AI products? Share with us your experience by leaving the comment below.