The time has come in your career to head back to school to pursue an MBA. Maybe you have been out of school for less than a year, or maybe you have been out of school for 10 years. Still, this is a huge step in your career path and you should make the most out of the experience.

Regardless of experience, don’t be intimidated

If you are working somewhere and the supervisors think you should go back to school to get an MBA, you should. This could feel intimidating, especially if your previous education wasn’t in business. Think about the work you are doing and why an MBA will be essential. If you have experience working in business, you’ll be able to learn fast and pick up the practices your company wants you to. Regardless of your experience, go in with a positive mindset and be ready to succeed.

Have a schedule and keep organized

Of course you will have a class schedule. When getting your MBA, it’s just as important to have a personal schedule for studying, work, and any other outside responsibilities. You might even have to pencil in your social life on the calendar. Habits like these will prove useful. A detailed calendar will make sure you give yourself the breaks you need, while also keeping you on track with tests, quizzes, and events.

Keeping organized is also about having the right tools. Get some custom folders for your different MBA classes. You will be taking in a lot of information in form of papers and packets. Having a place to keep these will benefit you when needing to reference materials in the future.

Network as much as possible

Networking is a great way to put some of your business skills into practice. It’s also a way to get familiar with talking to other professionals. And you could land an interview or your next job through networking. The moral of the story is that it pays off. Sometimes it feels like a pain to go to an MBA happy hour after a difficult test, but networking is a great way to learn from your peers. Who knows? You could meet a future business partner, co-worker or employee. One strength in business you will want is the ability to be well-connected.

Networking also will allow you to see how your classmates are using the skills being learned. You can learn as much from them as you can from the courses in some situations. Be open to the full MBA experience so you can take away as much as you can.

Your MBA program will likely have events planned. If they don’t, take some initiative to host a study group. Also remember that it is just as important to build relationships with your professors, as well as connect with graduates of the same program. Use your MBA as leverage to make an introduction to someone who works your dream job. 

Be proactive about your career goals

Your future career is a definite thing to keep in mind for the duration of your MBA education. Always be thinking of how you can take the skills you are learning and apply them in the real world. Be sure to jot down all of your revelations so they can be part of any cover letter you write or interview discussion you have.

When pursuing an MBA, soak in all the material and learning moments. Constantly remind yourself of ways to advance in your career through this key step.