Over 50% of customers who enjoy shopping at online stores point out that their loyalty is determined largely by the velocity of website downloading. Such statistics prove the significance of CDN application in an e-commerce business. However, let’s start from the beginning.

What CDN really means

You might know that CDN refers to Content Delivery Networks. It’s a great tool to enhance specific web server operation. CDN also works perfectly to decrease traffic volume.

Specifically, CDN is considered to be a combination of several servers which have special software for final users to obtain data much faster. Mentioned servers should be arranged worldwide to minimize the time period to get feedback. In most cases, content involves some statical components along with video materials of mobile platforms and websites. Typically such features don’t need any code implementation through the web-server or any data bank inquiries, like, CSS/js.

In reality, CDN belongs to hosting types. Nevertheless, it’s not a very smart idea to make it work as a hosting server. It can be easily explained. CDN is designed to get back to the cached statical website page. CDN always takes dynamical website pages and present them in a statical manner, accumulating data in the database. Subsequently, there is no possibility to start the PHP script by means of the CDN approach striving to adopt such a tool as a basic hosting.

Who would enjoy CDN servers

Surprisingly some people engaging in the IT industry don’t actually realize the importance of CDN systems in web and app development.

There is an opinion saying if one-month traffic goes down to several terabytes only, CDN won’t really improve the situation. Although, besides the issue of dropping server pressure, remember that your users won’t be happy, in case they have to wait a long time, so brainstorm to keep latency to a minimum.

Thus, your mission is to provide services to your audience promptly. It’s not about traffic, as you should strive to get as many points of presence as possible. Those PoPs are to be as close to your final users as possible, which means that managing the CDN aspect of your e-commerce program shall become your best friend.

CDN shall be extremely useful in the following cases:

  • when web-hosting imposes significant limitations on page free space, loads and so on;
  • if a website or a mobile service has users from all over the world who visit the site quite often. Wikipedia is a striving example of such reality;
  • if large mass-media portals provide vast space for data storage, let’s say, stocks of pictures;
  • when dealing with major e-commerce plans.

Some people mistakenly believe that content delivery networks are good only for enormous websites. Yet, even little online stores or different kinds of forums, due to quick page loading, will easily stand out from their multiple competitors by means of CDN.

In case a website is designed by means of public systems, like, WordPress, their owners could think of the approaches to upgrade data delivery quality. Moreover, another valuable advantage which owners can get by means of CDN is users’ assistance and support, as it delivers detailed guidelines on such a process.

CDN pros

  • It ensures great user satisfaction, as it minimizes the quantity of rejections for website visitors.
  • CDN systems guarantee high speed for sending data to the open-ended quantity of users across the globe.
  • As all inquiries to statical data are being rerouted to CDN resources, web-server experiences less load.
  • CDN servers help to economize carrying capacity.
  • The system works on improving positioning at the Google search tool, and those websites which ensure high-speed loading, are positioned at the top of the search list.
  • CDN ensures the protection from DDoS threats, as it takes much more efforts for fraudsters to attack CDN systems. Honestly speaking, it’s a piece of cake to attack websites which ignore content delivery networks. Thus, applying CDN provides extra security.
  • CDN can easily transform the flow into a form needed.
  • It helps to minimize the application of owners’ means and tools, like, flow capacity or disk space.
  • CDN serves to increase program credibility, as, in case there is no way to get on a website, duplicates of website pages shall be stored on the net.
  • Such a system ensures a reliable sustainability level in case of traffic surges.

Mandatory stages on CDN implementation

To ensure you make the most of CDN, just follow three simple steps:

#1. Analyze specific online service (website or mobile app)

Before to proceed, it is essential for you to realize the reasons you require content delivery networks. Without setting particular goals, you won’t be able to deliver satisfactory results.

#2. Get CDN servers

You can choose one of a few approaches here. You could go for free CND of CloudFlare, for instance. In case your website is comparatively small having regular traffic, free analog shall be sufficient for you.

Another way is to use paid versions. If you experience heavy loads on your server, it would be smart to use paid CDN platforms. It is your call to make a choice.

Another benefit of CDN is that you are able to easily adjust it to your specific program. It is a great solution for some complicated resources.

#3. Carry out testing

Right after the content delivery network is installed, you are ready to see the way it works with help of WebPageTest.

Selecting a reliable CDN provider

We would like to distinguish the main criteria for you to choose a credible content delivery network operator.

●     Quantity of Points of Presence

Actually, it’s not about the quantity. It doesn’t make any sense for you to seek for PoPs in Germany if your final users are in the USA. Thus, while selecting a CDN company, devote a little bit of your time to their points of presence to make sure they match the required target market.

●     Cache schemes

Multiple cache policy options are for you to select from. You can choose to replicate the whole content. That would make a specific program efficient, therefore, pretty costly.

Quite frequently used approach is on-demand replication. The very first inquiry might take some time, however, the procedure will speed up after that.

One more approach would be an async replication after surpassing a particular request quantity. On one hand, such an option is fairly economical. On the other hand, multiple users will suffer from low-speed service.

●     Regulations on retention

Speaking of retention, it’s about HOW and WHEN particular element to be deleted from a web server of given PoP. Few approaches are available in here, so you can choose from timeout deleting, fixed time deleting and the cases when you delete it as you limit the quantity of requests till a specific number.

●     Additional services

There are also some extra services which come together with the CDN system. They could include content DRM, immediate notification on any failures, analytics, cache policy management, CMS integration, etc.

Also, keep an eye on the CDN provider to support all essential files and protocols. It is better if you make sure that the company deals with technologies that you need to achieve your goals.

●     Service Level Agreement

In respect of SLA, your task is to verify if its conditions are applicable to all your points of presence. Remember to ask about the consequences in case CDN company violates terms and conditions of the agreement.

As for the legal side of the business, while negotiating with a potential CDN provider, it would be a good idea to specify if your companies shall sign a contract and what would be its validity. You have to know exactly what are the criteria for that firm to charge you. Those issues matter!

●     Support

We all would prefer 24/7 support 365 days a year. In some cases, other indicators could also be important. Let’s say, qualification level of support specialists and speed of problem resolving.

Summing up, we hope our advice helped you see the advantages of the CDN technique for your project to succeed. Such a subject could be challenging and still exciting, so now you feel confident as you know how to deal with it in the best possible way.