Around 80% of Americans are currently in debt. When you’re learning how to manage money, money 101 says – don’t go into debt.

While not going into debt sounds like a great goal, most people never get out of debt fully. Continue reading this article to five tech tips to help you manage your money.

Tips for on How to Manage Money

Money management used to be a topic no one was comfortable talking about. Since money was a taboo topic, many people have no idea how to make it, keep it or grow it. The following tips will give you the basics of managing money.

  1. Auto Bill Pay

Part of a successful money management plan is paying your bills on time. You may find that it is difficult for you to remember when your bills are due. Use technology to work for you by setting up auto bill pay.

  1. Auto Transfer to Savings

While you’re working your way to getting rich, you need to save as well. Save for your next opportunity, save for your education and save for when times might get a little rough.

When you auto transfer a portion of your money to savings, it makes it much easier for you to save. If you get the money in your bank account, it is hard to leave it alone because you always have something better for it to do for you.

  1. Online Banking

Another way that technology helps you is through online banking. When you use online banking, you’re able to see what comes in and what goes out. If your banking system is in real time, you never have to wonder how much money is in your checking account.

  1. Spending Alerts

Another helpful piece of technology is spending alerts. If you have a joint account or if you have kids that are using your cards, spending alerts can keep you from overspending on your accounts.

Spending alerts can also help catch any fraudulent activity quickly. While credit cards are great at making sure you don’t have to pay, debit cards and bank accounts don’t always operate that way.

  1. Pay Stub Generators

If you’re working and getting a 1099, you may not be able to get a loan when you need it. One of the ways to get around this is by using a check stub maker. You can go online, enter your information and print it out or email it as proof of income.

With all of the latest advances in technology, you can stay on track with your money management. Achieving your income and savings goals with the help of these tools is much easier than going it on your own.

Stay on Top of the Latest Tech

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