In the world of eCommerce, SEO plays a very important role, search engine optimization helps to enhance a website’s visibility for search engines and improve the overall search rankings. SEO also makes the website faster, user-friendly and easier to navigate. In short, we can say that SEO provides a framework to a website as a whole, by following a number of guidelines, rules, stages and a set of controls.

Each day millions of users log on to search engine platforms looking for answers and solutions to their questions and problems. Since the majority of search engine users are most likely to select an option from the top five suggestions on the results page, it is really important to benefit from this type of user.

People trust search engines and if an eCommerce website appears in one of the top positions, it automatically builds up the trust in your brand. Other than that, SEO also helps to kill off the competition when there are more than two similar players in the market. For instance, if there are three or more website selling the same product, the eCommerce website which has been optimized by a search engine is likely to close more deals and have more loyal customers.

Why does your eCommerce website need Shopify SEO Expert?

Unless your online business is equipped with a massive social media influencer or you have a long list of loyal buyers on your side, in order for your online business to grow you will need a steady stream of search engine traffic. Shopify SEO experts help to position your website at the top. You can improve your website’s search engine ranking and help customers locate what they are searching for.

Building a successful business reputation takes time, along with your content strategy the business planning needs to be result oriented, and the best way to drive more traffic to your website is by optimizing the content so that it is recognized by relevant queries of the search engine.

Increase traffic to your online store website with Shopify SEO expert

Good search engine rankings play a massive role in the online traffic a website has. A higher rank in search engine results in better traffic and increased sales.

Shopify has a lot of inbuilt SEO-friendly features that enable a website to climb up the ranking ladder, such as-

  • Editable URLs, meta descriptions and title tags on the website
  • Editable ALT tags and customizable image file names
  • Auto-generation of sitemap.xml files
  • URL tags that prevent the generation of duplicate content

The Shopify eCommerce platform covers basic SEO features by default however there are some other enhanced tactics that need expert services in order to increase your website’s potential business reach.

A Shopify SEO expert will attract the right targeted audience at the right time to the right website page. They will make sure that the online sales and website traffic are never compromised. Their services include the following-

  • SEO optimization and running an in-depth site audit
  • Researching for relevant and realistic keywords
  • Copywriting and SEO for product descriptions and blogs
  • The configuration of a comprehensive Shopify store
  • Targeting the right links for traffic as well as ranking
  • Category building
  • Menus and site navigation setup
  • Apps installation and customization

Due to frequent algorithm changes and updates is important to know that SEO is a continuous process. An SEO expert will re-optimize the content regularly to ensure that the right keywords and phrases are targeted.

To conclude,

A Shopify SEO expert will make sure that your business gets the recognition it deserves by being top ranked on Google. They will also generate consistent business reports with ranking updates and site analysis. They have details like relevant industry news so that you are informed about the business changes and future projections.

Content marketing requires advanced SEO strategy, an SEO expert can help you achieve it by creating informative, eye-catching, and shareable content with open graph tags for social media. They will help to increase your social media promotion and increase the number of clicks to Shopify online store through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

By engaging a Shopify SEO expert you get proven results and ensure long term ROI.