Have you ever faced any difficulty in finding an important business card right when you need it? You have for sure, if you’re anything like me, since it’s true that these small rectangle cards are easily misplaced. Let alone, they are so tiny that you don’t even realize you lost them until you need them again.

Business cards can be a key to business success as they represent your company to clients or potential clients. Be it in meetings or conferences, when you meet a new person, you hand them your business card to introduce your company or create a new business collaboration. So, these cards play a major role as they help you in building contacts within the industry and paves the way for your business.

Since business cards are of primary importance for your business development, why not organize and maintain them properly, so that you won’t have any problem in finding them whenever you need them?

Here are 5 tips that can help you organize and store your business cards.

  1. Save them

The majority of those cards are so small, it’s little wonder we lose them all the time. What if there is a method with which you can save the contact number but not the card? Indeed, you can save the contact info of a business card to a spreadsheet or to your phone contacts. In this way, you don’t have to worry about losing the business cards and have all your important contacts in one place. Not to mention you will save time and access business contacts easier and more quickly.

Sometimes people may lose interest if you don’t contact them immediately, which may be a loss to your business and create a negative impression of your company. When you save or store your contacts to your desktop or mobile, you can avoid such misunderstandings and establish great business relations.

  1. Get an App

In this new era of technology, more and more people need digital assistance to complete tasks fast and easy. How about using technology to organize or even scan your business cards, as well? There are so many apps available in the market that promise to make organization easier. Take your time to choose the one that better suits your needs. Search for important features like syncing your contacts to cloud and transferring them anywhere any time. If you find the one that matches your requirements and budget, use it and stay organized.

An app that stands out in the market and helps you organize your business cards is Pobuca connect. All you have to do is download the mobile app, scan your business card and all your information is automatically saved and ready for access.

Pobuca Connect acts like your contact manager, accelerating your business communications and enabling your team to be more productive. With this app, you can also share and store all your business contacts in one place. You can even sync them to all your devices, such as desktop, web, outlook, mobile and access them whenever you want. You can update the app constantly with the latest info. Before choosing it, you can even try its free trial version.

  1. Go old school

If you’re not interested in spending money on apps/business card scanners, you can just go old school and save all your business cards physically using holders, binders etc. You can maintain a box in which you can save all the cards you receive in alphabetic order. This way searching for business cards gets a little easier.

You can even use a business card binder. Business card binders are basically transparent sheets in which cards are saved. You can see both sides of the card clearly through the transparent sheet and add new card sheets as per your requirements.

You can even use rotary card files to save your business contacts. Rotary card files are a traditional way of storing business cards. Thankfully they are still around and they are known to be the easiest way to save your cards. You have to save your business cards in a simple horizontal rotary file holder or a rotary device. They have sections from A-Z and you should just place your cards in alphabetical order.

  1. Store them in filing cabinets

Business card filing cabinets is an alternative to Rolodex. Even after saving your business card information into scanners or apps, you can also save them in a filing cabinet. No matter how you digitize your business, it is sometimes important to maintain business cards in a physical form, since you never know when they may come handy. It is not a time-consuming process. Instead, you add value to your work if you keep yourself organized with filing cabinets.

  1. Use business card books

Business card books are especially designed to save your business cards. Cool right? They come with several pages and have the ability to store quite a few cards. You can slip cards into their plastic sleeves and add little sticky notes for any special reference. This is another effective way to stay organized and get work done quickly.

To sum up, in today’s fast-paced business world we give and receive hundreds of business cards on a daily basis. They have become an identity to our business. So, it is important to save/ store them properly, as they help us build contacts. Use either technology or good old methods mentioned above and good luck on your business goals!