Paper shredders can make your business more efficient and secure. But with so many difference choices out there, how do you know which type is right for your needs? Keep reading to learn how to pick the best paper shredder for your small business.

In 2017, over 178 million private records were exposed as a result of company security lapses.

Some of these lapses came in the way of malware on company systems sending data to bad actors, employees smuggling sensitive information, and details being lifted from important documents.

This article focuses on the latter of those security holes.

Internally, companies communicate a lot of vital information. That information often finds its way onto hard copies of paper which then runs the risk of being intercepted on site or in a dumpster.

That’s why it’s vitally important for your organization to invest in a high-quality paper shredder.

Below are some key considerations you should take to heart when purchasing the best paper shredder for your business.

1. Sheet Volume

If your company deals with large volumes of sensitive data being printed onto paper, you will want a shredder that is rated for bulk shredding. Having one will save you a tremendous amount of time standing over your shredder going through documents one by one.

The best paper shredder with the highest sheet volume capacity is going to cost you more than a lower volume shredder. Still, the money spent will pay for itself in efficiency.

2. Jam Rates

There are very few shredders on the market that come with a “jam free” promise. While you don’t necessarily have to pay through the nose to get a shredder that’s jam free, you should consider how often the shredder you are going to buy runs into jams before making a purchase.

Few shredders will advertise the rate at which they jam on their packaging. For that reason, look at reviews of the best paper shredder you are considering and see if jamming is an issue frequently mentioned by customers.

If it is, you would do well to steer clear of that particular model.

3. Capacity

Paper shredders are typically attached to a bin, some of which are secure and others that are easily accessible. The rate in which these bins fill up can have serious implications on your productivity.

If you are dealing with high volumes of paper in your business, you will want to make sure that your bin is large enough that it can get you through a day’s worth of shredding.

Otherwise, you or somebody else on your team will need to empty your bin multiple times a day.

4. Cut Type

Often unknown to business owners, different paper shredders cut documents in different ways.

There are varying schools of thought on which types of cuts provide the best mixture of speed and security.

Do your diligence in understanding the difference between things like cross cuts vs. micro cuts vs. strip cuts to pick the best shredder for you.

5. Auto vs. Manual Feeds

Even if your paper shredder is rated to shred multiple papers at once, it may be that someone still needs to be present to feed stacks and stacks of printed material into the machine.

That is of course if your shredder’s feed is manual. Automatic feeds do that work for you.

With an automatic feed shredder, you simply need to put the documents you want to have shredded into a tray and walk away. This can save you or a team member a lot of time but may pose a security risk given that you are not actually supervising the shredding of sensitive documents.

Understanding the blend of security and convenience your company needs will help you decide which feed option is right for your business.

6. Maintenance Frequency

A shredder that gets touted as long-lasting can represent a lot less headache than a cheaper one that’s going to require frequent maintenance. Things, like cleaning out your shredder, managing the blades of shredders, and performing other time-consuming tasks to keep your machine in working condition, can be more trouble than it’s worth.

To make sure you are getting a unit that’s sure to last a while without intervention, look over reviews thoroughly and gauge previous customer’s levels of satisfaction.

7. Need for Multi-Purpose

The best paper shredder is sure to do a good job taking care of the destruction of all of your company’s sensitive documents. But does your company need more than paper destruction to prevent a data breach?

If you need additional functionality with your paper shredder, like credit card and DVD shredding, you can often find two and three-in-one machines out there that can save you from needing to purchase multiple units.

Consider what your company’s security concerns are and be sure to purchase the kind of shredder that will tick the most boxes for you.

Wrapping Up How to Pick the Best Paper Shredder

There are a number of things to consider when looking for the best paper shredder. We recommend starting your search by considering the factors we’ve listed above.

Finding a unit that shreds all of your sensitive materials, requires little maintenance and has all of the convenience features you need will get you matched with a shredder that feels like a true extension of your operation and is never a hindrance to your workflow.

Finally, be sure that all of the features you want in a paper shredder gets backed by a quality warranty. One year of warranty coverage or more is a great number to strive for!

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