Like any other industry, technology marketers also want to reach the decision-makers inbox before their competitors. However, with too many sales people trying to connect, IT decision-makers often try hiding from sales reps. As a result, it has become challenging as well as difficult for marketers and sales professionals to get an appointment with the targeted audience. Forget about receiving calls, they are reluctant to meet salespeople or even go through marketing emails.

However, sales reps have to surpass the hurdle to take their products to the right customer for the business. Here is a list of four helpful tips for marketing and sales team working in the technology and IT industry that can make their job easier.

Tip 1: Check for Inside Connections within the Targeted Company

The first thing to start with is work on your inside connections within the targeted company. Especially this helps when you are trying to connect with decision-makers from the technology industry. The IT department of any company is the busiest among all, handling all the technical responsibilities to ensure smooth functioning of business operations. Hence, it becomes difficult for a sales representative to reach the right decision-maker in the IT/Tech domain to pitch for sales. In such situations, the best thing to do is make use of existing contacts. It means that you can check if any person you know works in the company you want to target. For instance, it can be your college friend or a relative who is an employee in the company. Using personal connection you can make your way easily to the decision-makers cabin.

The referral of your college alumni or an old friend can help in setting appointment, giving you an advantage of having personal connection with someone in the company.

Tip 2: Call the Company to Get Connected

Even if you don’t have an inside connection with the company you plan to market, you can simply call them and seek to get connected to the IT department. As a seller of technology products like software or hardware, your point of contact for sales should be decision-makers in the IT department of a company. However, initially, the company receptionist may be hard to convince for transferring your call to the person concerned. They are trained to divert and pass on a sales call and may also inform you about the company’s policy on ‘no solicitation.’ But you must keep trying your best to get through the receptionist without going over the board with your convincing skills.

Also, if you think that even after multiple efforts the receptionist is not passing your call through to the IT department, you can seek help from database service providers who can provide you with the contact list of decision-makers along with their targeted company you need.

Tip 3: Seek for Decision-maker in the IT Department

Now after your call gets finally transferred to the IT department, the moment someone picks up your telecall you must ask for decision-makers who hold purchasing powers. Also, make sure that your interaction is very specific. For instance, if you are a software provider, then you must ask the person who is in charge of the software department. Your question should be framed according to whom you are seeking in the department and also must specify exactly what products or service your company offers.

Instead of looking for some specific designation, ask for the person who holds decision-making powers as because different companies may not have the same designation for the person you need to contact for your product sale. This saves a lot of your time and prevents you from indulging in conversation with people who may not be of any help.

Tip 4: Bond with the Gatekeeper

The best way to easily reach the right decision-makers for your business in the IT department would be building great rapport with the intermediary level employees. The person who picks up the call is somewhat like the gatekeeper from whom you can obtain the decision-makers name. After you get the name, it’s time to engage with the intermediaries who stands in between you and the decision-maker.

You can try to converse with the gatekeeper and put forward your knowledge and expertise in the field. Offer them useful information about how your products and solutions can benefit tech companies like theirs. Don’t forget to ask for their email id and name and forward details about your company to them. Check with them if they can take your message to the decision-makers. Building a relationship with the gatekeeper can serve your purpose as their referral will make it easy for you to get to the targeted person.