How to Remove a Post from


Anyone can post on, so what is stopping those who wish to destroy your company’s reputation by making up a few bad reviews? It can be hard to keep up with fake reviews, and even the real ones, but you can act on anything inaccurate posted on review sites. Use a DMCA notice to remove copyright-infringing posts or use a court order to remove it for other reasons, like in the case of online defamation.

What is is a place where consumers can safely discuss the problems they have had with certain companies. They can type a lengthy post all about their experience with that company and give them a rating out of 5 stars, or they post a view with a full review. Not all consumer review websites allow people to post videos, so that is unique to PissedConsumer.

PissedConsumer will allow you to compare with the companies, ask questions on the reliability of some of companies, and keep track of business calls accurately. It generally has a lot more features than most other review websites. It can prove useful for learning about which companies are the best compared to their competitors and which companies you should avoid at all costs.

The downside to a site like this is that you never know who is being truthful with their reviews. Anyone can submit a post and deliberately make a company look bad but lying about a bad experience. All it takes is one bad review to turn a few customers away from a company, and that can add up quickly over time, so it is crucial to do what you can to remove any false online reviews. 

What is Online Defamation / Cyber Libel?

Online defamation (also called cyber libel) is very common in the internet community amongst consumers. Individuals utilize consumer reporting websites to post about a company inaccurately. They claim to be a customer and pretend as though they were ripped off or treated poorly while using the company. It’s unclear that why people do these types of things, but sometimes it is an attempt to steer those customers away from the business. Some competitors may even use this strategy to get more customers for themselves. 

Sometimes, you never know who is sharing and posting online, so if you able to prove that someone commits bad online defamation toward you, there are a few possible ways to get posts taken down on sites like PissedConsumer. 

Phony reviews only count as online defamation if the targeted company can prove that the person posting had malicious intent. If you can show that the poster was trying to ruin your reputation through false statements, it will count as online defamation, and you can then get a court order for the removal of the content. 

Take the court order and submit it to the appropriate website (, for example), and they must remove the offending post immediately. 

Why is it Difficult to Remove Content from

It is not PissedConsumer’s job to check for fake reviews. If anything stands out, we are sure they would do what they can to fix it, but otherwise, it is on you. The reason for this lack of concern is because PissedConsumer, along with other review websites, is not liable for what people say on their submissions. They do not have to go out of their way to appease your requests if you do not have a court order. 

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

Website hosts and internet providers cannot be penalized or punished for what their users post. Even if what they post is questionable, the site does not have to do anything right away if they do not want to. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ensures this. The section states that the host is not responsible, and it pretty much grants immediate immunity to the website host in court. Users can still get in trouble when they commit copyright infringement or online defamation, but the website never feels the heat.

Refer to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to learn more about the exact details since it can get in the way of getting rid of the content you want the website to remove. 

Fair Use

Fair Use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression.” Fair Use allows unauthorized people to use your copyrighted content − although not all copyrighted content counts as Fair Use. When a court decides what counts as Fair Use, it all depends on the type of situation and how someone wants to use that copyrighted content. 

You could try getting someone in trouble for using your content, but if they say, “it’s Fair Use, so I can use it,” they might be right. You may not be able to do anything about it or take the post down before going to court. 

You can have a court decide whether the use of your copyrighted content qualifies as Fair Use. And, in that process, they will look at several factors regarding the way that person used your material. The copyrighted content could count as Fair Use if the person using it has good intentions, if they use a small amount of it, or if they use it for creative or imaginative work. However, not all of these qualifications always pass as Fair Use of content.

Of course, every case of Fair Use is different, and it entirely depends on circumstance, so this may not come in the way of removing a post for copyright. 

How to Use DMCA to Remove Copyright Content from

A DMCA is the best way to remove copyrighted content from, or from any website. You can write up a DMCA notice and get it approved with the designated DMCA agent for the site to get content taken down. It may take some time and patience to gather all the information you need, but once you do, it could remove the post. 

You may have trouble submitting a DMCA notice to In the legal information provided on their website, they talk down about DMCA submissions and say that it lacks merit. PissedConsumer also believes they are in the exception of Fair Use, so they do not need to remove content. However, if you submit a DMCA and they do not take action, you can take it to court and get help from a lawyer or a reputation management service. Not all of the posts on should count as Fair Use, even though they say otherwise. 

How to Remove a Post on

The best way to get a post removed from is by using Reputation Rhino. The company’s team of reputation management experts will help deal with PissedConsumer and get the content you want removed, permanently/

Reputation Rhino can also help to get things going on a positive note after dealing with the bad content on PissedConsumer. Online reputation is vital for the growth of a business, so the services will prove themselves useful in the long run. Even the smallest positive influence with a couple of bad reviews removed from the web could make all the difference your company needs to get going.