How to Rotate PDF Online with EasePDF?

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Looking for a solution to rotate PDF? Want to change the direction of PDF based on your own needs? So, a good website or PDF tool is indispensable! EasePDF is such a wonderful website that can help you solve these problems. 

About EasePDF

EasePDF is such an online converter that possesses many tools like Word to PDF, PDF to Excel, Split PDF, Rotate PDF, and so on. It can be operated on any operating systems like Windows and Mac. It can also be used on smartphones like iOS and Android OS. The characteristics of EasePDF are as follows: 

  • Free of Price
  • Various Tools 
  • Sound Safety  

If you would like to rotate PDF, you can choose the tool to Rotate PDF in EasePDF directly. Now, let’s see how to delete PDF quickly. 

How to Rotate PDF with EasePDF?

Step 1. Click “Rotate PDF” at the Homepage

Just enter into the homepage, and click the tool “Rotate PDF” in “All PDF Tools” column. Or, click “Rotate PDF” at the homepage directly. 

Step 2. Upload Files

You can click “add files” directly. The speed of uploading depends on the file size or network. 

Step 3. Rotate PDF

After you add corresponding files that you want to rotate, you can rotate them directly. Turning right or turning left depends on your own willingness.

Step 4. Download PDF

After you rotate the corresponding PDF files, what you need to do next is to download them to the local Drive. Or, you can them with others by OneDrive, Dropbox, URL, and Email. 

May You Want to Know More! 

Question 1   Do I need to register if I use EasePDF for the first time?

You don’t need to make a registration in EasePDF for the first time. You can use it on any device or platform without registration. 

Question 2   Can I use EasePDF if the operating system of my smartphone is iOS?

Of course. No matter what kind of smartphone or operating system you are using, you can use our EasePDF directly. Because EasePDF can be operated or worked on any platform. 

Question 3   What should I do if the uploading or downloading speed is slow?

Just as what I have mentioned above, the speed of downloading and uploading depends on your file size and network. So, if your files are too large, maybe you can split it into several small files or compress it, and guarantee the stability of your network. 

Question 4   What should I do if I can’t handle or operate EasePDF smoothly?

If you are the first time to use EasePDF, don’t be scared. EasePDF is easy to operate. And if you still have difficulties in operating tools in EasePDF, you can ask us for help.

Question 5   The website only can work in English?

No. You can select your languages by clicking the top right button. There are languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, and so on. The language is not just limited to English. And multi-language converting is the newest promoted function. 

What I have mentioned above is the steps about how to rotate PDF with EasePDF. It’s strongly recommended that you can EasePDF if you have any questions about converting PDF files and others. If you have any problems or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact