It is that time of life when a printer is a necessity for almost everyone. Technology has taken over the world and all of our lives have been upgraded. Technology has replaced things for us so that we can now perform our daily life tasks in a much easier way. However, there are a few things that are irreplaceable no matter how advanced we all get. Here we are talking about the printers, you see we now have laptops, computers, mobiles and all other electronic devices but none of them can take the place of printers. On the other hand, the only way technology has affected the printer industry is by introducing new and advanced printing systems that are improving with the passage of time.

Now, it is an undeniable fact that the major expensive component of printing is the ink and the paper that is used in the process. Printers, however, aren’t that expensive and the only investment you have to make is in the paper and the consumable ink. Now when it comes to the choice of paper, know that you will be stuck because there are several types of paper qualities available in the market but if you want a good quality paper then obviously you have to pay a fixed price for it that cannot be changed. On the other hand, things are not the same when it comes to the ink.

You see people usually prefer to use the manufacturer’s own ink in order to print a decent number of images but on the other hand, there is a drawback to this side too. You will have to replace the small ink cartridges every now and then and every ink color may cost you $10 or more. This obviously leads people to a higher printing cost which is why they then opt for the low-quality inks that are used in offices, departments, and stores etc. This low-quality ink is also not a good option because it can genuinely destroy the images that you print. Now you might be wondering that what exactly can be done in order to have a cost-effective and quality printing. Well, don’t worry and stick a little longer to this article because we are going to reveal an alternative to you that can go great if you consider it.

The alternative we are talking about is CISS, you see there are two main types of cartridges, one is refillable and the other one is the bulk feed. Apart from these two types, we have another amazing option and that is the Continuous Ink Supply System, also known as CISS. Today the focus of our article will be on CISS and how it is a good option to consider.

The Cost-Effectiveness of CISS

CISS can actually help you save a huge amount of money when compared to the individual cartridges. You see here in order to brief things a little more, we will use the Media Street product for you as an example. Now, an individual ink cartridge will cost you around $12 if you have the Epson pigment printer and also, an individual cartridge can hold 12 to 15 ml of ink in it. On the other hand, CISS holds around 4oz or larger bottles of ink. Here is where you have to act and think a little smart. The Media Street Quad N Color gives a 4 oz ink bottle for about $20. Now, this is where you have to understand things that instead of spending $12 on a few ml why don’t you opt for the one that comes in bulk (4 oz) and is only for $20?

Now there are a lot more factors to the printing set up that need to be considered as explained in this in-depth guide on Petagadget. However, we will cut the details short for you and make it simple that a proper printing setup, the cost of the Niagara system, the cost of the ink cartridges and the cost of the printer etc everything is going to cost you around $1000 but on the other hand wouldn’t it be easy for you to spend this much amount in smaller and less painful increments.

What to Do?

We will be clear and direct with you on this matter that the decision of shifting to CISS all depends upon your usage of the printer. You see, if you have to change the ink cartridges after a span of 2 to 3 months then the CISS isn’t for you in fact maybe this way it will be expensive for you. But on the other hand if your usage of the printer is too much then obviously you would need to replace the cartridge every month or even after every week, if this is so, then here you need to shift to CISS as soon as possible and we assure you that you will save a big deal of money.

Overall Verdict

At the end of the day, it’s all about thinking and acting smart. If you have to print a bundle of images on daily basis then know that this is going to cost you a lot and we are pretty sure that you already know how expensive printing gets due to the paper and the ink but on the other hand if you finally know about the alternative that is the CISS then why not save some money from all of this printing process? Honestly moving to CISS can be one wise step, you just have to consider your usage and then figure out things to identify if you actually need to shift to CISS or not. Lastly, we would like to suggest you that no matter what happens, never use a low-quality ink for your printer because the results can actually destroy the quality of an image and at the end of the day will that actually be worth all the investment and effort you made on buying and setting up a printer? Just use the best quality ink available and make sure that your efforts and your money, both aren’t going to waste.