How To Stand Out With Ecommerce Packaging


Packaging is the very first thing people see when they receive a product and it can heavily affect the overall perception people have of your brand. As the internet becomes the preferred way for consumers to shop, the packaging game has stepped up a notch. Businesses must now take into account a range of factors when deciding how to package their products, such as appearance, durability, and sustainability.

Here are some top tips for businesses to stand out from the crowd with their ecommerce packaging…

Understand your target market.

 The key to producing packaging that makes a statement is to understand the industry you’re in and know what will appeal to your target market. While it’s great to get creative and represent your brand, there’s no point spending money on printing colourful boxes if your products are targeted at an older or more professional demographic. By putting your target market first in every packaging decision, you can ensure that you stand out for all the right reasons and catch the eye of the right types of people.

 Simplicity is key.

Over-crowded or over-engineered packaging can do more harm than good. Simple designs can make your products come across as far more professional, and allow you to reduce your packaging costs.

Corrugated cardboard boxes, for example, although commonly used, can be branded up and sized to look just as chic as a specially engineered type of packaging. Cardboard boxes are cheap to produce and can even be handled in-house with the right equipment. Kolbus Autobox offers a range of box making machinery to allow businesses to produce their own corrugated cardboard packaging that suits an entire range of products – you can even use machines to print or stamp boxes. Taking control of your business’ packaging production means you can produce the correct boxes as orders come in, rather than having to source large volumes of boxes based on order estimations. Investing in a box making machine can, therefore, allow businesses to reduce costs and waste.

 Consider each of your products.

 Rather than using the same size and/or style of packaging for every product like many brands do, considering each product and adapting packaging to suit won’t go unnoticed. You’ve probably experienced ordering a small product for it to turn up in a box that’s three times the size and this is likely a result of the company not prioritising their packaging. It doesn’t go down well, especially at a time when it’s more important than ever for businesses to minimise their impact on the environment. Stand out from the crowd by ordering or producing packaging that fits and protects each product, without producing unnecessary volumes of waste – your customers will thank you for it.

 Keep it reusable.

 Another way for brands to reduce their carbon footprint and please consumers at the same time is to make your ecommerce packaging reusable. Adding some form of branding is useful, but aim to do this in ways that don’t impact the reusability of the materials. For example, using stickers or custom tape can be just as effective and more sustainable than printing logos all over the box so customers only have the option to dispose of it.