Transferring data from the old iPhone to new iPhone is one such important process everyone looks into. For having know with many types of procedures and formulas to exchange data between two mobiles is a bit time taking process. DearMob iPhone Manager is known to deliver such solutions accurately.

Most of the available solutions in the market won’t work all the time. For those who go with low storage will have such difficulties in backing up the data because every information they store might be useful in any wise cases.

However, DearMob iPhone Manager offers the best solution for any type and size iPhone.

The general procedure to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone is explained here:

The basic step that is used mostly to transfer the information is through iTunes, firstly transfer the old iPhone data to the iTunes, later on from the computer transfer the data from computer to new iPhone.

So using DearMob iPhone Manager transferring and connecting iPhone

to computer is given below:

  1. Open iPhone and download DearMob iPhone Manager. Install and launch the software.


  1. Connect iPhone to the computer using a USB. Enable to trust the iPhone when it displays a message.


  1. Once the name is displayed on the DearMob window click on “Backup Now” option show on the screen.

  1. Wait until the backup of old iPhone is finished. Make sure to back up to any particular folder on the computer. Now unplug the USB and check whether the data is backed up are not.


  1. Plugin new iPhone to the computer and start restoring the stored data of old iPhone. Select the prescribed folder for storing the old data in new iPhone.

The above is the general procedure to transfer iPhone to new iPhone. But for backing up preferred data like music, video DearMob iPhone Manager provides multiple options for doing it.

If Cloud backup is chosen as the solution for backing up photos and videos, it may not rely on. Instead it is a default process of doing it and might take lots of time. However, DearMob iPhone Manager helps in doing so easily and effectively.

Photos transfer iPhone to new iPhone:

  1. Connect old iPhone to the computer, open DearMob iPhone Manager, click on Photo Transfer for only backing of photos to new iPhone.From the iPhone version 11 onwards any iPhone takes default photos which will not be able to open on Mac OS Sierra or Windows 10. Only the file is copied in the temporary storage while HEIC photos are backed up by default.

  1. Now, reconnect the new iPhone to the system and open DearMob iPhone Manager, Click on Photo Transfer and then on import to complete the procedure of data(photos only) transfer

Make sure to check every selected photo is exchanged to the new iPhone.

Music Transfer from old iPhone to new iPhone:

  1. Connect old iPhone to Mac/computer, open installed DearMob software and click on Music Manager, then click on Export for getting the music data transferred from old to new iPhone(It may include Albums, playlists and so on) As a part, DearMob enables users to create the DIY ringtones which is used for editing ringtone as per the choice and assign it accordingly.

Note: It is suggested to click on Sync while performing the backup.


Apps data transfer to the new iPhone:

DearMob iPhone Manager gives install and uninstall application service instead of doing it manually. But it is performed outside the apps only when there are “ipa” installation files.

Text messages transfer to new iPhone:

For doing this, start backing up everything from the old iPhone to computer using DearMob software. Later on, select text messages and click on SMS to save all the text messages to the computer. This process takes some time to finish.

Now, connect new iPhone to the computer and click on the selective SMS to any specific folder. Wait for the restore of text from the back up to complete. Cross check the duplicate text and delete them if  necessary.


Contacts transfer from Old iPhone to new iPhone:

  1. Launch the tool properly before the transfer and connect the old iPhone to the computer and click on Contact on the right corner towards the bottom of the screen. Now click on the Export icon which allows transferring of old iPhone’s contacts to computer. The contacts are saved in PDF, TXT, HTML, and VCF formats. Allow Sync Contact to PC which is displayed during the process.

  1. Now connect new iPhone to computer visit Contacts and click import from the software which allows saving contacts in VCF format to new iPhone.


Transferring of data between 2 iPhones is made so convenient using DearMob iPhone Manager which is also responsible for having many other solutions for iPhone.

Among all the service providers, 5K player is one such downloader which enables users in streaming and downloading online. It is a mixture of music player, video player and Airplay and DLNA enabled downloader.

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Benefits of DearMob iPhone Manager:


  1. It is not merely used for music transfer but also to transfer everything from old iPhone to new iPhone. It may include emails, chat backup, voice notes, songs, albums, text, photos, and Videos.
  1. It is convenient and compatible with any version of iOS and is allowed to save data in MP3 AAC FLAC formats.


  1. It is known to be the best all-in-one tool for managing iPhone related libraries and data backup.


  1. It allows easy and 1-click options for every action performed upon the convenience.


  1. It supports 1:1 data rebuild on a new iPhone.



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