Setting up a lock screen security on our phones is the smartest move any Android Smartphone owner to keep others from accessing it. However, have you thought about the dangers involved if you accidentally forget your password, pattern or screen security pin? It can really be devastating and especially if you don’t know how to handle the situation.

With the advanced technology, some devices are now support fingerprint scanners. Although this might be safe to use, it might prompt for a backup password or pin from time to time especially when you need to restart the phone or change your settings.

Most often than not, we tend to think we are forever locked out of our phone. The truth is, you are not alone in this, and many people go through this horrible experience once in a while. Although bypassing these passwords and patterns is not easy, the good news is there is an application known as FRP Bypass apk and in this there are a few steps you can follow to regain access to your device. Although there is no a one-size-fits-all method, we can look up at several effective methods that you can easily apply in case you find yourself in such a situation.

There are two major ways of unlocking or bypassing locked Android devices these are:

  1. Unlocking without losing data.
  2. Bypassing using the lock screen removal.

All lock pattern applications including the in-built Android lock screen application offers the user an opportunity of retrieving their password by use of “Forgot Password” option in case they forgot it. Below is a step by step application procedure of recovering your password using the “Forgot Password” option.

Step one: key-in any wrong password of your choice until you reach the maximum allowed trials. The “Forgot Password” option will automatically appear on the screen.

Step 2: click on the “Forgot Password” icon. Your android device will at this point prompt you to sign in into your Gmail account.

Step 3: Key in your Google account credentials and successfully sign in.

Step 4: An email is automatically sent to your Gmail account indicating a new pattern lock, pin or password. Key in the new Pin, pattern or password and you will now gain access to your phone normally.


The method above only works for device users who have selected Gmail to be their recovery email. This method also requires a stable network connection which might be a challenge without the password.

  1. Unlocking your lock screen without a Google Account.

For you to be able to remove any screen lock, password or pin from your device and keeping all your data intact, the use of additional (third party) software is recommended. One of the most common third party software used is TunesBro Android Lock-Screen Removal.

TunesBro Android Screen Lock Removal is the most ideal software anyone would ever wish for if in need of a perfectly done job. This software works very fast and ensures all your data in the device is safe. It is able to remove all the four types of encryption securities which include: PIN, finger locks, pattern and password.

TunesBro Android Lock-Screen software works with every model of Smartphone be it LG, Samsung, OnePlus 5, Xiaomi just name it. This software is also supported in any Windows operating system. This is desktop software that easily unlocks your Android phone at any time and in any condition.

TunesBro Android Screen Lock Removal program completely removes any lock screen password, pattern or Pin from your Smartphone and gives you access to your device without entering any additional pass code. This software comes in handy if you have received a locked second hand Smartphone, you have forgotten your lock screen password or the screen of your phone is broken and not responding properly.

Advantages of using TunesBro Android Lock-Screen removal

  • It removes lock screen password, fingerprint, pattern or PIN from Android.
  • It allows you to unlock your Android device without losing data.
  • It is a great program with Easy-to-navigate UI.
  • Supports various Smartphone models like; Sony, Asus, LG and Samsung.

There are various steps to follow when using this method. These include:

  1. Download the Android Lock Screen Removal app to your phone

The first step is to download this Android Lock Screen Removal software into your computer. Once installed, the program will be ready to use. Although this software is free to download and install, there is a small one-time fee charged before you operate it.

  1. Connect your android device to your computer

Once you are through with the installation process, run the software on your computer then connect your android device to PC using the USB data cable. From the software’s main UI, hit the “Lock Screen Removal” icon.

  1. Download and install any necessary recovery package

For you to be able to remove your pattern lock or password from your Android device, this software will first have to automatically download any necessary password recovery data for your Smartphone. However, you will first need to restart your device. This is done by pressing Home+Power+Volume Down keys; this enters it into a download mode.

  1. Kick off with the Password, pattern or PIN removal from your Android Lock Screen

When you are through with the downloading process, the tool automatically begins the lock screen password or pattern removal process. This is the safest method of bypassing an Android lock screen password. This is because; it doesn’t mess up with any data or files stored on your Smartphone. On the other hand, it simply erases the password from your device and gives you normal access to it.

Once this process is done, it is recommended to restart your phone. At this juncture your Smartphone will not request for any pattern or password at all. It is important to set up another password after this process is done to secure your phone.

This tutorial is however meant to assist you gain access to your personal device. Therefore, you should never use it to bypass someone’s lock screen password since it is illegal and not permissible by law.