In today’s global retail market, retailers seek solutions to innovate in the shopping experience and beat the competition with their performance. Whether you’re a retailer of special or general merchandise, overcoming the challenges of managing multiple sales channels, improving the shopping experience, getting the right variety of merchandise and integrating business systems while boosting profits can be a overwhelming task. You need a retail software system that can help you integrate the operations of your company and provide tools for your business to grow.

Form Retail

 Form Retail consists of an integrated set of retail software solutions designed to manage a global multi-channel company in a productive, cost-effective manner with an emphasis on achieving a seamless shopping experience for the customer. At Form, we have helped many retailers successfully implement our integrated solutions to integrate into their sales channels, order management, inventory and other operations to have the right information at the right time.

With the combined strengths of Form offers a more comprehensive suite of Retail audit software. With cutting-edge technology to improve the benefits of profitability, growth. The competitive advantages for the retailers to whom we offer services. Our success is due to our commitment to deliver the highest quality software, services and hardware products in the industry.

Field Marketing Report

Monitoring the performance of your brand is difficult for small companies that are new to the national retail landscape. Field marketing reports offer merchants instant access to data revealing business operations. Knowing the conditions of the products, the levels of inventory, and the amount of space available on the shelves allows managers to prevent problems before they become a much bigger problem.

The specific types of data that a CPG company will want to collect in a field marketing report vary a bit from business to business. However, there are some categories that any company should take into consideration. These are: availability of products, exhausted products, ordered units, retail price, discounts (if applicable), quality of the commercial promotion, communication with the seller, and activity in the store. Some tools of the audit software for points of sale allow the capture of photos and signatures, which serve as verification for the daily work of marketing representatives, as well as personalization to any mobile form.

Promotions Report

Many CPG organizations maintain promotions in the stores that store their products, as part of their commercial execution strategy. To measure the success of these events, it is essential that companies collect information about them. Gathering data on promotions allows managers to determine which are effective and which are not.

What information should be collected in a promotions report? One thing to identify is the type of promotion (free sample, demonstration, etc.) and its duration. Other things that should be noted are which products are being highlighted, the position of the promotion in the store, the number of representatives working in the event, and the overall effectiveness of the event. The photos can be used to supplement the quantitative data where appropriate.

Report on the Competition

Usually underutilized, reports on competition are extremely important for the administration of commercial execution. Marketing representatives serve as the “eyes and ears” of managers in the field, to reveal information about what the competition is doing. Therefore, obtaining data on your activity in an organized format can strengthen the longevity of your brand while moving to the national retail market.

Identify who your main competitors are and which of their products are the best sellers should be noted in a competition report. Other data to register are the prices and promotions of the competition, as well as indirect competitors. In some cases, it is of great advantage to take a photograph of the competitor’s activity and indicate any new threat from the competition.

How your CPG brand performs nationally is usually easier said than done. Having the ability to obtain key data based on what is happening in the field, can help your business to remain agile and react more quickly to market conditions. Performing point of sale audits is a powerful way to extract the most vital data from the field, and in turn, act on them.