How TV advertising has evolved to benefit all marketers


There aren’t many technologies that have had such a profound impact on our lives as television has. TV has shaped our lives and society for decades, acting as a potent tool for advertising and communications. Advertising is a huge part of TV and the content we watch.

Here’s how TV advertising has evolved to benefit all marketers. 

Evolution of TV

In a manner that even the internet couldn’t, television exploded in popularity so quickly that it posed a threat to other established media. 

TV technology had progressed to the point that commercially available home TV sets were available to the general public. Designers anticipated how transformative television would be, and advertisers capitalised on the novelty of the technology in a variety of ways.

The 1970s saw a shift in the way people viewed television, with more basic cable channels being available.

The VHS machine, which allowed viewers to record programmes for subsequent viewing, was introduced in the 1980s. However, the introduction of DVD discs and devices in 1997 revolutionised the home video scene.

Today’s television technology allows us to view TV programmes and movies swiftly and easily with simply just a TV and the odd bit of software. We can now view or stream a huge variety of video and content through OTT services and devices, and video on demand without cables and through the internet.

And with the amazing and extremely beneficial opportunities that advanced TV technology has brought, TV advertising has also evolved significantly in a way that benefits all marketers. Businesses can conduct TV advertising efficiently by working with an AVOD advertising agency.

Changes in Tavod advertising agencyV advertising to benefit marketers

Because of shifting consumption habits and new media purchasing technologies, targeted advertising that can move across many screens and marketing channels have seen a massive rise, taking the TV ad industry to a new level.

VOD, OTT and Addressable TV ads

Consumers nowadays choose to watch and enjoy video material through over-the-top services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as devices like smart TVs and the Firestick. Marketers are captivated with the ability to target advertising and take advantage of multiscreen, despite the fact that users don’t view as many ads on them.

By making homes more addressable via both linear TV and OTT devices, VOD and OTT aid marketing attribution. Advertisers are able target specific audiences and consumer segments via addressable television ads.

Programmatic TV advertising

Some businesses find traditional television advertising to be a time consuming and very practical procedure. Most of these decisions, such as the optimum time and place to run an advertisement can be scheduled and automated using programmatic TV advertising.

Additionally, programmatic TV harvests relevant data practically immediately after an ad is shown, allowing for more rapid improvements.

Regional TV advertising

There are methods to leverage national UK TV networks regionally in addition to advertising on local channels. You may even acquire particular transmitters to boost your local targeting even more inside certain locations, however you’ll have to factor in the cost, since local inventory is usually sold at a premium.