How will Project Management Trending Tools Impact Entrepreneurship?

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The expansion of project management over the last few years had an enormous impact on old-fashioned business management concepts.

We are entering a new decade, 2020. is the year will be a turning point for small business owners. Followed by the quote that Change is the only constant, you need to get prepared for what is next. Driven by the idea that increasing revenue is the #1 priority of almost every business, consider investing in education on hi-tech project management software that will improve your productivity and efficiency toward a stable and profitable business.

The thing you need to do is to follow the market trend and identify the best tool not just for practical use but a tool that will lead you in front of your competition.

The SaaS industry is evolving daily. To quickly catch up, we created a shortlist of trends with the most impact on the small business owners.

Look at the most influential trend to have in mind, implementing in your business workflow immediately.

Trend #1 Cloud-based Office Management Tools

Cloud computing was a game-changer in the Saas industry.

Before cloud computing, the SaaS industry was at a slow pace and needed something to simplify the processes behind project management tools. And it started in the last ten years thanks to dynamic front-end development platforms.

There are a lot of alternative cloud-based project management tools, and it is hard to define just one because of their diversity of features, free and paid. But as we said above, it is all about diversity. For some businesses, there are more suitable project management tools that will improve project workflow. Keep in mind all the advantages of cloud computing.

Consider using some of the innovative project portfolio management software – which simplify team communication features as messaging and team discussions, also created a smooth workflow between project, workload, and milestones overview.

Cloud computing creates a unique workflow, easy to access data, and even easier to work overview, as an alternative to old, outdated project management software.

Impact on users: Cloud computing had a vital effect on the user experience, enabling a business owner to move all of their work to an internet browser and securing data on incredibly fast and reliable drive servers.

Trend #2 A.I based Project Management and Automation

Artificial intelligence is a trending topic in the project management industry, as in other niches. Automation of processes is the primary concern of SaaS engineers, to even more improve a project workflow and automate task creation and execution.

Here are primary trends of A.I in project management software:

  • Integration & Automation of processes
  • Chatbot smart assistants
  • I learning-based project management tools

Impact on users: It will facilitate the processes for the user, controlling all of the aspects, including old project data, to create a more suitable project workflow in the future. And go even beyond complete task automation, creating structured insights of the project and team performance.

And for sure, the most innovative A.I driven project management feature is a risk estimation of project progress, duration, and potential pain points as a primary goal is a prediction of a whole project timeline operations.

Trend #3 Expansion of Advanced Data-Analytic Tools

In project management is an incredible amount of data. And to increase revenue and sustain business growth, you have to implement data analyzing tools that will give you an insight into the project and team performance.

Studies have shown that constant monitoring and data analysis through high valuable insight can improve your project performance by 52%.

 Impact on users: When it comes to project planning, task execution performance, and risk estimation, you can’t have reliable information if there is not a strategic data analytic. Use these advanced tools to have a high point of view into your business performance and efficiency, creating custom and visually engaging reports.

Trend #4 Alternative approach – Emotional Intelligence

Having in mind that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of an employee’s productivity, especially for those who work in large teams.

Predicting team member’s behavior and how successfully they can fulfill project tasks, in what deadline, and with what output quality.

Team management Emotional Intelligence involves employees:

  • Self-awareness
  • Values
  • Intentions
  • Purpose
  • Behaviors

A satisfied employee is the most productive employee, and innovative project management tools have advanced A.I algorithms, which can predict employee performance and efficiency in a specific task.

Influence on users: Project management is not just planning and execution of tasks, creating timelines, deadlines, and performance monitoring. It’s about people and a team behind those operations. And that where project management software has the most range to improve.

To sum up

To achieve a high-performing project using advanced features, implement project management software as an imperative for planning, executing, and monitor all of the operations and team workflow performances.

In 2020. The game-changer will be an automatization and A.I have driven data analysis for easier project progress tracking. Trends in project management software are in constant evolution, and to keep with your competition, you need to implement the most innovative tools from the SaaS industry.

Which of these trends will have the most impact on small business owners, it is still a question, but there is no time to waste.

Embrace technology and improve your business revenue, creating a collaborative, transparent, and data-driven workflow. And surprise your competition!

What trend do you find the most interesting, and why?

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