Huawei Mate 30 Pro: The Right Way to Make a Smartphone


Samsung and Apple tend to get all the hype whenever they release their flagships. However, the dynamics of the smartphone industry have changed and these two are no longer the best in the game. Sure, Samsung and Apple continue to enjoy brand recognition. However, they have been lacking in terms of the value that their devices have to offer. In 2019, Huawei left everyone in a daze when they unveiled their Mate 30 Pro. A flagship device that does justice to the term “flagship”.

The groundbreaking Ultimate Android Flagship: Huawei Mate 30 Pro certainly deserved all the praise that it received. The Chinese company went all out in terms of specs. They managed to pack the latest and most powerful hardware into this device. Also, the phone had a hefty battery that could keep it going for a long time. The Mate 30 Pro also had a few interesting design choices that Huawei implemented. This phone was great. It dazzled everyone with its sleek looks and impressive specs. There was only one thing about this phone that made people think twice about buying it. The Huawei Mate 30 Pro does not have official support from Google.

As odd as it sounds, this Android device is not backed up by Google. This is thanks to politics between the US and China. Not having Google support means that the Mate 30 Pro does not have access to official Android updates. It also means that this device comes with zero Google apps on it. This has definitely made the Mate 30 Pro look a lot less promising. In fact, this phone is easily the most controversial Android phone in the market. Its amazing specs make you want to buy the phone. But the uncertain software support of the phone makes you want to rethink things.

Despite the controversy, no one can deny that this phone is an amazing piece of technology. Had it not been for the software problems, the Mate 30 Pro would have easily been the best phone of 2019. Let’s take a more detailed look at this phone.

The Mate 30 Pro

Nowadays, in order to be good, a smartphone needs to impress in two ways. It should be able to wow people with its form factor and aesthetics. And it should also have specs that make the phone functional. Since the Mate 30 Pro is a flagship device, its specs are over the top.

The Looks

The Mate 30 Pro’s bezel-less waterfall display is what takes up more than 90% of its front. The phone does not even have any speaker grills on the front either. Instead, it makes use of Huawei’s in-screen audio technology. Overall, the phone looks pretty amazing from the front. But people do have a few reservations about the display itself. This phone’s screen has a lower resolution when compared to other flagships.

The phone has a glass back with a huge camera unit taking up most of the space. The camera unit draws a lot of attention, but not in a bad way. It blends in pretty well with the overall aesthetic of the phone. On the sides of the phone, one thing stands out; there are not volume rocker buttons. Huawei decided to get rid of physical volume rockers and replace them with soft ones. This wasn’t exactly a good idea since the soft buttons can be annoying to use.

The Specs

This is where the phone really gets interesting. The Mate 30 Pro boasts some really powerful specs. It has the powerful Kirin 990 CPU that runs the device. All the graphical processing is handled by the Mali-G76 GPU which has 16-cores. This is by far the most powerful GPU in smartphones at the moment. All of this power allows the Mate 30 Pro to handle pretty much anything that you can throw at it.

The phone has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. You can further expand its storage by inserting a nano memory card in one of the two SIM ports of the phone. The Pro is designed to be a multitasking powerhouse. You can expect this phone to keep you covered for quite some time in the future. The power unit of this phone is a 4,500mAh battery. A beefy battery that will keep your phone running for 2 days without breaking a sweat. More extreme usage still gives you a full day of battery life.

Overall, this phone packs hardware that is really praiseworthy. Its over the top specs mean that the Mate 30 Pro will easily be able to compete with flagships that come out in 2020. Let’s just hope that Huawei manages to patch up with Google in the near future. Otherwise, this phone really would not be worth buying.