Here are some tips that can help you know quickly.

The prospect of getting new followers on any social media site is exciting – after all, you want to know that your account has some influence on a particular group of people. Many services have come up to help people achieve these goals, such as this site that allows you to buy Instagram followers for $1.

These intentions are good, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your reach on Instagram or any other social media site. However, that has indeed led to another problem – the increase in fake followers, or ‘bots’ as they are also called. Every platform has a problem of these accounts, although some have it worse than others do.

The truth is that identifying these fake accounts is not as easy as you may think, and social media platforms are each trying to come up with strategies to help in locking them out. When the platform developers decide to take action on these fake accounts and delete them, the result hurts you, especially if a large segment of your followers were fake. Lower numbers mean that your reach reduces, your engagement ratio with your followers becomes worse, and so on. In addition, it is bad news for you because of how Instagram values engagement rates, even more than many other platforms.

The good news is that you can easily spot a fake Instagram account, using the following tips.


Check their numbers

This remains one of the easiest methods to use when spotting bots – check their profiles and the follower to following ratio. The usual occurrence is bots being used to like posts and comment on them in certain circumstances, as well as following people.

It is very rare that you will find them posting anything else, and you will usually see ads on their account. They also tend to have very few followers, yet their following ratio seems to be very big. If you spot an account having very few followers and very little content, yet it follows hundreds of people, chances are high (not always though) that it is a bot.

You should know this is not always the case though. There are people out there who sign up to the platform just to see what their friends and family are up to, but do not make posts themselves. It is fine if they have a few followers too. When you think about it though, why should you bother keeping such an account around? They will not do much to help you or make your days interesting, so do not hesitate in removing them from your following list.

Observe their purpose

You will never find a bot that just appears on Instagram without a purpose, so note if the account is purely for likes or bulk followers. This means that the individual that created them made a host of bots anyway. What we mean is you noticing accounts that behave in very similar ways, including rotating proxy information and using the same software to operate and follow people.

The bots can even have hundreds of thousands of followers, and they usually have the same or similar styles of formatting, such as in their bio.

Therefore, make sure to establish the characteristics of all these accounts. How many followers does the account in question have? If they have followers, are these followers behaving in a bot-like way or a human way?

Is the account private?


Not all private accounts will be bots, but chances are high that bots will tend to make their accounts private. This means that you need approval to view the profile, or else you will only see the name and very basic information. Usually, this approval means you must follow them and they must follow you back.

If they are an actual person, they will follow you back, but if they are a bot,they will never respond. Ask yourself if this private account is hidden for a good reason, or if it is trying to hide the fact that it is not real anyway.

If the account responds to you and interacts with you like a real person would, then there is no reason to dump them along the way. However, if they only follow you and do nothing else to prove their actual personality while blindly liking some posts, then chances are high they are bots and can be unfollowed.

They are empty

There is nothing as annoying as following someone and they never post anything or show their account is managed by a human. That means no profile picture, no posts, no bio except something very brief, and there is nothing else. They are only there for one reason – software controls them, and they will only like or follow other people.

These accounts all have one thing in common. They look fake, they look bad, and you will get zero value from interacting with them. No one follows them, except some random people, so even if they share your posts, no one is really seeing their content.

They tend to spam content

Bot like behaviors are very predictable. You find they are selling something since they are not always selling accounts to follow. Many of them are operated by some unknown and untrustworthy brands, which simply want extra exposure, while others are operated by scammers that are trying to obtain your personal information.

For instance, you find you have a new follower. When you check their profile, you only see one upload they have made, and the information it has is regarding you giving it some information so that you can win something. It then refers you to another fake account that has the same job. Do not fall for any of these schemes, it is not worth it.

Final thoughts

The prevalence of bots on social media is nothing new, but you should be careful when dealing with them. Using these tips, you can quickly spot a legitimate account, and avoid one that is simply a bot or shows bot-like behavior.