Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social media platforms are currently all the rage.This goes for an array of humans’ lifestyle, from personal lifestyles to businesses and brands. Facebook alone boasts of 2.2 billion users of which more than three quarters are active monthly. LinkedInas a social networking business focused platform attracts 500 million users. These social media sites are evidently quite popular as they boost communication in a conveniently easy and affordable manner. Their extra unique features enhance their uses

Some of these networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest among others. Facebook and Twitter were, and still are, popular since time immemorial of social media sites. Other networks slowly caught up with them after the former’s debut at the start of the century. Instagram being one of these networks. In fact, it increasingly became so popular such that it caught up with its’ forerunners such as Facebook and Twitter.



Most of these were made to serve a specific purpose such as LinkedIn. It is a business focused social networking site with the purpose of helping people to network professionally. Through LinkedIn, you can find clients, other business associates and colleagues whom you may already know. Once you connect with them, they become part of your network. Afterestablishing this online connection, you getaccess to your synced list of connections. This is usuallyreferred to as an extended network. Either user can then request for an introduction to people in the extended network through the mutual contact. In addition to this, it contains a feature allowing one to create and join groups. Another feature allows users to apply for job vacancies or advertise open positions.


On the other hand, instagram was designed as a photo sharing app. It is living up to its purpose by being the best at visual representation among all other social sites. It uses a square image format. It is similar to other networks such as Facebook and Twitter in that account owners operate on a profile and a news feed. In the beginning, it could only support images but later on, it advanced to support video sharing.


Facebook  integrates the purposes of both instagram and LinkedIn in a way. It allows you to share photos, videos and still create a business profile or even a page. It is in a way the creme de la creme of social networks. You can link any of your other social media accounts to Facebook.

Increasing Instagram followers through Facebook.

The mostbasic step in achieving this is making your Facebook friends and followers aware of your instagram account. This can done by simply adding a tab to your Facebook page linked to your Instagram account. This shows your instagram posts or hashtags relevant to you.

Another method is to post the photos you upload to your Instagram profile to your Facebook page. Synchronize your instagram account to your Facebook account to enable this feature. This will then attract those who see it on Facebook to follow you on instagram to see more of your pictures that might not be on your Facebook feed. You could also share the photo’s URL on your Facebook news feed.Your Facebook followers will then follow it to go directly to Instagram to see your photo.

Other than these two methods, you can also tag (@)or use hashtags (#) . This is convenient when you promote something such as a contest. Any user wanting to compete in it will simply go to instagram and follow the hashtag or follow your @tag. The hashtag pulls up images related to it and the @tagging is linked to your profile.

Other than these posting methods, you can also boost your posts reach by using Facebook Ads. It is the best way of advertising your posts and getting more traffic through your Instagram profile. It is a very cost effective way of growing your fan base. When doing so, do not cast too wide of a net. Make sure you narrow down the age gap, location or even occupation of those you wish to see the advertisement. This will make your advertisement more relevant and increase the chances of capturing your intended audience as more of your specific demographic is targeted.

Other than increasing your reach, you shouldensure that your content is captivating, not only to increase your audience but also to maintain it.

Increasing your Instagram followers through LinkedIn.

For you to increase your Instagram followers through LinkedIn, you must posses a well established network. To do this you must first engage your employees and colleges. This is because, the work place is the best place to start gaining followers. Encourage them to not only join LinkedIn but also create complete profiles. Once they add the name of your company to their profile they automatically become followers of your company page. You could also suggest they include a link to your company page on their email signatures.

You should then link the Company page to all of your marketing communications like newsletters, blogs and emails. Make sure you invite key audiences such as customers and partners to become followers. Once on the company page make it easier for them to follow you. To rope in more followers, take part in LinkedIn groups. They are a good way of highlighting your company page to a large audience. Contribute in ongoing discussions or launch your own to make your presence visible.

Once all this is in place, launch a follow add campaign that with a specific target. This will in turn lead them to your page where you have a link to your Instagram page. With such a large network and/or extended network on LinkedIn, you are bound to amass a good number who will follow you on Instagram.


The availability of all these social networks makes communication and networking easy. The availability of the linking feature to different social networks together makes it easier to increase audience of one network using the other. Ensure your profiles on your linked social networks match in order to maintain consistency.