What does Instmap company Do?

Instmap.com let’s you find Instagram photos anywhere in the world.

Do you know how many interesting people around you right now?

Aim your Instmap wherever you want, click the button and see what’s going on!

Why do we need Instmap?

Instmap allows you to see exactly what’s going on around you, literally.
It can be used as tool to explore activities in a certain area or just geek way to spy on your neighbours.

Find out what people around you are posting, discover new places, find those who you connect with and make new friends!

You can share interesting location or photos directly to social networks.

Also you can embed it to your website to display activities around some event.

Who is Instmap for?

InstMap is a fun new way to explore Instagram, especially if you’re a visually-oriented person and also a total snoop. The site pulls up the area around you, giving you the chance to spy on what your neighbors are doing. InstMap also lets you follow any of the people who post pics with them, making it a great way to expand your network.

You can also search for any other area, which is great for people like who move around a lot.

What makes Instmap stand out from Others?

Instmap is completely free and even doesn’t require you to sign in. Also Instmap respects your privacy and never send your location out of your browser.

What’s Next to Instmap?

Instmap developer plans to add some new features like:

  • list of interesting places with random selection
  • ability to subscribe to certain place and get notified when new posts appear.
  • add other platforms like Facebook