Kajabi vs. Teachable – Which is Better and Why?


At first glance, Kajabi and Teachable are both quite similar. They both offer a hosted platform that allows you to market your content online. Dig a little deeper and you will discover that there are a number of differences and they are actually rather different.

It is important that you investigate the benefits and advantages of one over the other as it is a bit like a marriage, you need to commit to one platform and embrace it for the long term. Take the time to understand them and how they can impact on your business in order to make the right decision. To help you on your way, I will run through some of the facts.

What is Kajabi?

As I said above, Kajabi is essentially is a platform for information marketing. It allows for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. You can host video, audio and text documents content which is sent using tried and tested, successful templates. You can also create a unique member only community area for delivering the actual product.

The Kajabi founders were content marketers themselves, so they understand where you are coming from, they share your passion.

Kajabi has assisted and empowered thousands of people, small businesses, artists and writes from all around the world. It has guided and assisted them in building an online presence, creating digital products, their website and most importantly, moving their product.

Their goal is to be your only resource needed for your online business, a one stop shop so to speak, enabling you to turn your passion into profit.

They have the tools and the knowledge to capture new leads and convert them into sales, all under roof. You do not need to juggle multiple platforms. They have built up some clever tools, reports, functions and features over the years. The best part is it is constantly evolving and improving all the time.

What is Teachable?

Teachable allows you to create a custom made, virtual online “school” where you can teach and sell online courses from your own website. They will assist with the content hosting, delivery and payments so you can work on your business, the content.

It is fully customizable so you can create your own look and feel incorporating lectures, quizzes and so forth. You retain ownership and control of your content and are free to create your own branding and dictate your own pricing.

There are no limits on student or course numbers, support in multiple languages, good reporting functionality and good security. It is neat and easy to use.

What is does appear to lack is some of the sales and marketing tools and lead generation techniques of Kajabi.

All in all, both very powerful and successful platforms that have a lot to offer. Both have their pros and cons. Given that your main goal is sales, and profit, I am inclined to lean towards Kajabi in most instances. While both offer great platforms to create and present your information marketing material, Kajabi seem more geared towards actually converting it into profitable sales.


Obviously, they are not the only two on the market, there are many others, but they certainly are two of the best. Spend time exploring the site and look at what each one does and does not offer.

As I said, it is a commitment not to be taken lightly so look at the finer points of their offerings and how they can integrate into your business platform for your profitability and success. It is also a sizeable monthly investment so treat it as you would any investment, do your homework first.

I wish you every success with your business.