Keeping Your Clients’ Business

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Now that you’ve won over clients for your small business, you need to keep them. You may not have the money and resources of your competitors, but you can stay your clients’ first choice by going the extra mile to let them know that you take your work seriously and you value their business.

Always be Responsive

When people are asked about why they have chosen to switch a service provider, one of the number one answers is they weren’t available or responsive. Failing to take calls and taking too long to return calls or not returning calls at all is a terrible pitfall for any business operator. Nobody wants to do business with a service provider who never answers the phone or constantly has a voicemail box that’s full. No matter how busy you get, don’t make these dismally unprofessional types of mistakes. Use answering service software to ensure that people can get immediate assistance when they’re trying to reach you. Always return phone calls by the end of the following business day. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time and not responding to calls, be sure to let people know in advance.

Show Your Clients That You’re Committed to Saving Them Money

Another common reason that people switch service providers is they determine that they’re paying too much and they can pay less elsewhere. Obviously, you need to strive to keep your rates competitive. If your prices are higher than competitor’s, explain to your clients in detail why your services are better. If clients have questions about pricing, answer their questions patiently and thoroughly. Also, it may be appropriate to talk to your clients about your business’ efficient utilization of resources. Undertaking continuous cost-savings efforts and passing these savings down to clients will ultimately maximize organizational efficiency while providing clients with an incentive to continue working with you.

Show Gratitude

Let people know that you appreciate the opportunity to work with them in personalized ways. Send an email or offer a promotion on the anniversary date of the start of your working relationship together. Birthdays are also a good opportunity to let your clients know that you’re thinking of them. Giving customers promotional items with your logo is a great way to show appreciation. When you thank your clients and treat them in a way that shows that you care, they’ll have a positive sentiment towards you and your working relationship together.