Know about 3D PRINTING

Generally, 3D printing refers to the process of manufacturing three dimensional solid items from a digital file. This printing process requires multiple steps. However, the basic and final step is the laying down of thin layers of materials to create an object. Each layer which laid is looked as a thin sliced horizontal cross-section of the whole object.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is opposite of the subtractive manufacturing as, subtractive manufacturing includes cutting out or molding the piece of any material in the desired shape. 3D printing is process which allows you to manufacture complex items without wasting any material compared to the traditional methods.


The 3D manufacturing or printing requires several steps and it all starts with creating 3D model. There is multiple 3D software which allows you to prepare your own SD model or you can download it from a 3D repository. For creation of your own item, you can use 3D scanners, applications, haptic devices, code or other software.

Once your item is created or decided in the software, the next step focuses on the slicing. The software divides the whole model in horizontal thin slices. These slices are then printed layer by layer. As soon as the layers are printed, the object is formed.

The simple processing and effective results of the 3D printing have attracted masses and grown rapidly. It did cost a lot but the results and productivity it provides is totally worth the price.


One of the most rapidly grown industry is of 3D printing. Among all the inventions, 3D printing has shown to be the most promising technologies. The biggest advantage of the 3D printing is the its open whole new way in production and manufacturing of data compared to other manufacturing methods. From fast designing to high level of accuracy, 3D printing provides numerous benefits which include:

  1. Cost Reduction: One-time installation of 3D printers and software might seem huge but in long term the it is totally worth it. The overall cost of product is greatly reduced. As the machinery, material and labor cost is greatly reduced. Apart from this the whole process requires less travel cost. Therefore, the overall the cost of the whole material is greatly reduced.
  2. Production on Demand: The 3D printing has enables people full freedom of designs and customization. The accurate and personalized production of single or multiple products as permitted people to manufacture their needed and customized products either for promotion or use. This is the reason, why 3D printing has gained such popularity specially in the medical and dental world.
  3. Less wastage of Material: The traditional manufacturing requires cutting of several materials and cutting of material into a specific shape which results in a lot of waste material. Most of the industries produce almost equal amount of waste as their production. Properly disposing them is another problem. While, in 3D printing, the material is used in the limited amount in printing which produces minimal waste.
  4. Confidentiality: You do not have to worry about the confidentiality anymore with 3D printing. The continuous prototyping and production with the 3D printer enable that the design stays within the warehouse premises. No other party can think of claiming your innovation as theirs. All of your creative designs can be kept safe and secure in the warehouse.
  5. Reduce Production Time: We live in an extremely fast paced world which requires everything to be done quickly. 3D printing allows manufacturing of goods in a much faster pace which is ideal for the world today and in comparison, to the traditional methods.
  6. Increased Accuracy: In traditional method, several products are made while testing for the right product. Even while production, a slight mistake can cause huge errors in production go the goods. However, in 3D printing, the product is tested and checked multiple times by the software to avoid errors and problems. Which results in efficient and accurate product manufacturing.
  7. Increased Competitive Advantage: The capability of the reduced time for manufacturing goods and improved quality products have increased the healthy competition. Not only, the firms are producing the products in a much faster and efficient way, but they are also improving the quality and efficiency of those products. This has also reduced the cost of good quality products for the customers.


The 3D printing is not limited to manufacturing of products, but you can print your favorite pictures in 3D too! Yes, the technology has advanced beyond our imagination. The 3D photography isn’t a very recent invention however, the recent change in lenses and innovation has transformed the 3D photography definition in a totally unique way.

There are many ways to create 3D images utilizing various camera setups and software. Traditionally, the photographers would take 2 or 3 three pictures with such an angle to produce one 3D image. However, now the camera has built in 3D image features which allow you to take 3D pictures in one go and print them. The 3D printed images are now available in all sizes and with great quality. You no longer need extra equipments like 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect but enjoy the 3D printed picture with naked eyes.

There is multiple variation in 3D printed pictures as well. Some of them include layering or embossed work which creates the 3D effect, and some are normal pictures which include 3D effect. There are several printing houses and photographers which offer 3D printing of your favorite pictures.


3D printing can be stated as one of the greatest inventions ever. The growth has further enhanced the benefits of it. From printing of object to pictures, it provides people with everything. The ease of production and access has altered the whole manufacturing process in a way which was not known or seen for decades.