Physics is a highly reputed and a truly beautiful subject of all times. It is the most fascinating, stimulating, awe-inspiring subject in the world. Its speciality is that it is a less memorization-based subject among many technical subjects. It needs critical thinking to link concepts into a unified vision. However, when you are first learning concepts in Physics like Newton’s Law or Ohm’s Law, it can seem as a very difficult concept even if you really enjoy it or fascinated by it. But to succeed in physics, you’ll need some effective study strategies.

Here is a list of effective ways for studying physics:

  1. Stay Attentive in Class: No matter what class you are attending, this tip is the key to success. The whole point of being in class is to learn something, so you should pay attention while you are there. Whatever you understand in the process of teaching, try to take good notes of it. This helps in the preparation for the exam. If you don’t understand any concept in the classroom, it is always a good habit to ask doubts at that moment. Because the better you can understand concepts and how to solve problems by the time class ends, the easier you will find it when it comes to doing the homework on your own.
  2. Involve yourself in studying and reading: In history, if you miss few lessons, you might not be able to learn about certain wars. But in physics, as this is not a memorization-based subject and generally it is a series of linked principles that build upon each other, falling behind might create trouble for you. If you will miss few lessons, you will be lost for the rest of the course. You have to be up to date on each and every topic in order to understand the upcoming topics in the classroom. It is advised to devote time for reading and solving problems for better results.
  3. Cover Concepts Before Class: To properly utilize your time in the physics class, you should understand the topic before the class. Having an idea about a certain topic beforehand will help you to solve the physics problems easily. Try to reason your way through the ideas presented in the text. Understand what terms mean, how they are related to each other and what units are attached to them. Some topics like laws of motion, relativity, electromagnetic waves, etc needs priore glance to master physics. This helps in understanding the problems, hence, you can solve them easily. If you find worked examples in the textbook then try to identify the terms and solve them on your own. This will be the first step in learning to master the problem-solving part of Physics. If any difficulty is found, then make a note and ask it in the class.
  4. Familiarize Yourself with Key Math Lessons First: Good math skills are essential for success in physics. If your math skills are not up to the mark then you should devote time in improving it. At least, you should have a good grasp of trigonometry, algebra and calculus.

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