Live Streaming Technology For Events in 2019


The growing popularity of live streaming events as a new revenue of delivering content, is partially due to easy-to-access tools like Facebook Live and YouTube Live making it hassle free for anyone to broadcast live video to the world. According to statistics from Livestream; conferences and speakers are the second most popular type of live video content consumed; this is because many people watching were either unable to attend the event or are interested in the subject matter they are discussing.

For more corporate and professional events, it is worth investing in the Eyenetwork’s ‘Live Event Streaming Service’- where the video cloud service enables you to simply setup & broadcast streaming events anywhere at anytime in the world. Commonly used for AGM’s, training and presentation purposes, the cloud service can be setup & moderated by the Eyenetwork event concierge team or taken in house.

But why should you start capitalising on live streaming events?

 Increased Attendance

Physical events are limited to the space available at your chosen venue, alongside work commitments, increasing expenses, geographical restrictions, they can all prevent possible customers from attending physical events. Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to these people whom you wouldn’t reach otherwise and the capacity cap is only linked to the streaming service you use.

Live streaming your event can also lead to an increase in real life attendees. According to Meetings Today, brands who live stream their events experience around a 23% conversion rate of remote attendees who become physical attendees the next time an event is promoted.

 Real-time engagement

Another reason live streaming can be so successful is due to how it offers brands real-time user engagement. It supports a direct conversation between you and your target audience, and encourages a seamless interaction which in turn can help you turn prospective customers into real leads.

You can also boost engagement through Livestreaming by showing your customers all the amazing people who work hard behind your brand, by running a Q&A and office tours.

Open Opportunities For New Revenue

Live streaming can allow you to interact with new clients and create new business opportunities as you can educate people about your company and the services you offer, to more people than just the physical attendees.

By streaming online, you can meeting customer expectations. In a New York Magazine survey; audiences state that they expect event content to be available live online: 80% said they would rather watch a livestream from a brand than read a blog or social posts, so it can pay to keep up to date with your customers wants and meet them head on.

Another way to drive new revenue from live streaming events is to stream them across all your social media channels; then consistency direct viewers to your website. This gives you control over where you drive traffic as well as controlling the brand experience around your event.

Finally, in a survey by Livestream 79% of brands said that the ability to use live streaming to create a more authentic connection with audiences, eventually leads to more sales, more audience interaction and increases brand awareness.

Using the Eyenetwork Live streaming service you can add 10 live participants to speak alongside the host or participate in Q & A sessions, stream live to Facebook & Linkedin, send polls out to the audience to vote on event topics and more.