There are lots of platforms that offer to help you create your own website, and anyone with a little experience in computer applications should not have too much trouble designing one – some of these providers do make it incredibly easy. However, just because you can create a website in a very convenient manner doesn’t mean the website is going to be any good.

Designing a website is easy. Designing a great site is not as simple as it seems. When it comes to effectiveness – a website that attracts, interests, and convinces potential customers – several things need to be considered carefully. Are you planning on creating your own website? Here’s a look at the top elements you need for a brilliant website.

Easy navigation

When visitors land on your home page, they should be able to visit your other pages by clicking certain buttons or links, and these should be clear, uncluttered, easy to use, and simple. The navigation of your website should be uncomplicated; group your pages logically and clearly, and keep their number to the minimum.

Visual appeal

This goes for all your pages, but especially your home page: it should have great visual appeal. This encompasses all design aspects: colours, images, fonts, organisation, logo, and so on. Remember that people scan from left to right, top to bottom, and usually in an F-form. Know where to put your important information, as advised by web design Bristol experts from

Engaging content

Your content should be relevant to what your reader wants and should engage them. Search Engine Optimisation has to be considered. And avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.


A good website instills trust, and it’s important you incorporate this in your design. Provide clear links for contact information and the identification (and image) of the company. Partnering with other reliable companies and providing social proof (for example, testimonials) help establish credibility.

Call to action

There’s no magic formula to create that perfect call to action, but it should always be included; you have to sell your wares, services, or encourage the visitor to commit in another way – right there and then. Use friendly and exciting words that encourage action.

Here’s one more thing you should keep in mind when designing your website: it should be mobile friendly. More and more business is being done while people are on the go, with their mobile devices (as opposed to at home with their desktop). This trend is getting stronger, and more and more people are expected to shop using their mobile devices. Make sure the format is visually compatible and easy to interact with. Don’t rush your design; think about it carefully.