The pace of innovation and market changes are accelerating rapidly. It gives amazing opportunities for businesses to grow faster. At the same time, entrepreneurs face a lot of constraints, e.g. digitization of services, high staff turnover, and globalization.

A lot of them decide to look for a software development partner to help them deliver unique value for their customers. When looking for a software team, there is a number of things you should be looking at, including their skill set, experience, and performance at the top of the list; followed by other factors like communication or working methodology. Finding the perfect fit may be as tiring as locating the Prince Charming; however, the technology made it easier, and you can probably try googling him and then call him on WhatsApp. While a long-distance romantic relationship with the prince may turn out to be difficult, partnering with a remote software development team may actually make the collaboration much easier.

You sign the contract to make your relationship stable and predictable, you can talk on Slack, meet for the Scrum ceremonies on video calls, check how you’re doing on JIRA, and when something big is coming, jump on a plane and meet in person. To make sure the fairytale has a happy ending, you need to choose your software partner wisely first.

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

Start with the portfolio. The most appealing offer is not worth much if it’s not backed up by a solid portfolio of delivered projects. Look for projects from the same industry or those addressing a similar business problem. Case studies that come with testimonials from the happy clients prove the abilities of the team even better.

It’s also worth to ask about the scope of work they delivered in a given project. Software houses frequently collaborate with client teams or other external providers. I suggest you check if in the blockchain product they say they built, they were responsible for the backend development. It may turn out it was only the UI design they provided and, in fact, it doesn’t prove they have experience in the blockchain development.

Explain Your Problems, Expect Solutions

If you’re looking for a custom software development team, the service you’re after is not only writing the code itself. It’s about turning your business idea into a working product. A good software partner will focus on understanding the business logic and objectives of your project, and then estimate what it will take (in terms of time and money) to deliver it.

What you’re looking for here, is an engaged conversation aimed at understanding your business model. (If you find sharing the details of your know-how risky, request an NDA.) They should also advise you about various ways of solving your problem explaining the advantages and disadvantages behind them.

Don’t get discouraged if they challenge your idea. It’s a good sign! They are the ones who will be potentially responsible for making your ideas implemented. They need to understand the logic to make sure the software supports it.

Check the Tech Stack

You’re searching for a team that not only understands the business reality but also has a track record of systems that fit your product.

If it’s a new business project, you will be more flexible when it comes to the tech stack; however, you should probably check if the technologies they use support the kind of product you want to build (if you’re working with big data in finance, you will be looking for different solutions than a mobile app using AR).

If you’re working on an existing product and you already know your tech requirements but there are a few things you might want to check here as well. First, remember it’s not only the programming language (like PHP or JavaScript), it’s also about the frameworks and tools the team uses (for example in PHP it may be Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, or many others actually). If you’re planning on using a new technology in your existing project, make sure the combination you’re aiming at is properly supported.

Look for Partners, Not Subcontractors

Having all that in mind, check your potential partner thoroughly. And when you find the right match, you will benefit from having a team of experts that are old hands at building great software products. They will make sure the app reflects your idea perfectly, providing the top-notch technical performance at the same time.