Data loss is unpredictable and may happen at any moment. However today, we have the required infrastructure and resources like the high-capacity affordable storage drives and cloud storages to secure our data from data loss. Yet most people do not back up much of their data on the clouds and rely heavily on traditional external hard drives.

These mechanical internal and external hard drives used in PCs and Laptops are fragile and too sensitive to sudden shock and power off. Other situations such as unplugging the drive without safely removing, virus or malware infection, system crash, sudden power failure, and force shutdown are also too common that often cause drive corruption and significant data loss.

If you regularly backup your critical data, such data loss scenarios can’t affect you much. But when the backup isn’t available or turns out obsolete, the situation changes drastically and desperation—to get back the data—takes over.

However, you should stay calm in such a grave situation as you can still restore the lost data with the help of a data recovery tool. While there are several data recovery tools in the market, only a few can get back your lost, deleted, and formatted data in a usable form. One such tool is Stellar Data Recovery Professional.

Why Use Stellar Data Recovery Professional?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional recovers lost and deleted data from all kind of storage devices such as hard drives, SSDs, USB thumb drives, SD cards, etc. With the help of the software, you can also recover lost files from a formatted storage media or deleted and missing partitions. Further, it also facilitates recovery from a severely corrupt drive.

What’s unique about the software is the fact that it can recover virtually any file type from an NTFS, FAT (FAT16/32), or exFAT drive or partition.

Moreover, the software comes from a renowned organization Stellar®—a pioneer in providing data care software and services with over 25 years of expertise. They also provide 24*5 dedicated support over a direct call, email, and chat.

Use the software in following common data loss scenarios caused by logical errors:

1.      Deleted or Formatted Data Recovery


You can use the software to recover accidentally deleted files and data from a formatted storage media or partition in just a few clicks. In fact, the software can also restore files from a re-formatted* drive.

Figure 2: Recover Deleted and Format Files

It offers flexibility to recover specific file types such as photos, videos, documents, compressed folders or select ‘All Data’ to restore more than 300 unique file types by default. With ‘Add Header’ option, you can extend the file support by adding more file types to this list. The option enables you to recover virtually any file type.

Figure 3: Add Header Option to Recover Virtually Any File Type


*Recovery from a re-formatted drive is possible if the drive wasn’t used after the first format. Also, the drive should be ‘Quick Format’—which is the default format option in Windows PC.

2.      Corrupt Drive Recovery


A drive may get corrupt due to improper use, bad sectors, file system errors, power outages, etc. However, the software can restore data from all such corrupt and severely corrupt drive partitions with its deep scan action. The powerful deep scan option thoroughly scans each drive sector for the lost files based on file-signatures.

It further enables you to restore the trapped data from a virus or malware infected and formatted drives.

Figure 4: Restore from Corrupt, Severely Corrupt, or Virus Infected Storage Media

3.      Deleted Partition Recovery


Restoring data from a deleted partition is a critical task. However, the software makes it as easy as a few clicks of a mouse.

The software can locate the missing or deleted hard drive partition that may have lost due to accidental deletion or partition map corruption. It lists the found partitions in a list box. You can then select and deep scan the lost partitions to recover data and save it at the desired location.

Figure 5: Deleted and Missing Partition Recovery

Additionally, the software lets you resume recovery at later stages. After a scan, you can save the scan information and load it later to resume recovery. The feature comes handy when you don’t have much time or the system, and destination drive is running out of storage space.

4.Prevent Data Loss and Safely Recover Data from an impeding Drive


Besides data recovery, the Stellar Data Recovery is the only data recovery software that offers data protection with its ‘Monitor Drive’ Feature.

Figure 6: Monitor Drive add-on in Stellar Data Recovery Professional

It’s a unique add-on utility, which monitors the hard drive or SSD on the go. In simple words, it keeps you informed about the drive health status, performance score, and any issue that may arise during the drive usage.

Timely detection of any hard drive abnormality can greatly help in preventing data loss.

The tool has an inbuilt feature to clone an impeding or corrupt drive that can help avoid potential data loss situation due to drive failure. You can then run the software scan on the cloned drive to restore the lost data.


We find Stellar Data Recovery Professional a true value for money. Normally, when you buy a data recovery software, it might not be used again or frequently. However, when add-on utilities like drive monitor are added, it makes the software as a daily driver for your PC.

Overall, Stellar Data Recovery is a complete package for data care as it not only recovers but also helps prevent future data loss scenarios. You can download and try it for free. The free version works same as the paid one except that the paid version lets you save the recovered files.