When we hear the word “overpopulation” our minds automatically start churning up images of fish-empty oceans, crop-starved lands, over-crowded trains and cities full of skyscrapers; people living on top of one another for as high as the eye can see. But that’s a pretty sci-fi influenced outlook on the world. The more immediate issue is a competitive job market.

For every job that gets posted on a job portal, you can expect 50 other people to be clicking the apply button, which is why you need to make yourself as employable as possible. You need to know how to present yourself in the best possible way so that it’s you getting the callback and not one of your competitors.

The good news is: there are loads of things you can be doing to improve your image, so to speak.

The great news is: we’ve gone and narrowed it down to give you five of the best things you can be doing.

1.First impressions Are Life

Whether you like it or not, your first impression will be your resume or CV and this is because it’s the first part of you that will get scrutinised by the recruiters and HR players. It’s how they get an idea of your skills and talents and see if you are a good fit on paper. You need to make sure your CV is a great as it can possibly be. The way it looks, the way you present yourself, the content you add. Our advice: speak to a recruitment specialist and see if they can give you some pointers.

2.Always Be The Safe Bet

Every so often, a business might take a risk, go out on a limb and employ someone that could be a huge hit or could flop big time. However, 95% of the time, employers will pick the candidate that’s trustworthy, safe, reliable and an on-paper-sure-thing. That doesn’t mean “be boring”. Not at all. It means doing the basics exceptionally well, clean up your online image, make sure your credit score is in check and all that stuff. Trust us on that one.

3.Show How Proactive You Are

Passiveness is not a skill that’s enjoyed by anyone; from employers to writers. Instead, you want to show how proactive you’ve been in your life and career up to now. You want to show that you’ve gone above and beyond the job description. You want to show you offer more. You want to show you’ve got a full driving license, that you did a marketing masters online course while working your last job, that you set up a successful side-hustle, were head of the debating team and anything else that puts you head and shoulders above the rest. Forget humility; this is your chance to brag.

4.Handover Amazing References

One of the most precious resources an entrepreneur has at their fingertips is testimonials. It’s showing new clients they’ve delivered amazing work to their current customers. It’s giving people some social proof to trust. That’s what references are when applying for a job. Make sure you have references that will blow them away.