Manc-nificent: 5 underrated benefits of basing a business in Manchester


The fastest growing city in the UK, Manchester is a fantastic city for entrepreneurs to base their business. But, aside from the obvious, what other ways can you benefit from being located in this city? Let us take a look at 5 underrated benefits of basing a business in Manchester. 

1.Affordable and accessible transport links

Manchester is one of a few cities in the UK that use trams as a transport system. What’s more, the trams are entirely electric! There are extensive cycle, railway and bus routes throughout the city, as well as a cleverly designed road network, and Manchester Airport, the busiest UK airport outside of London. Not only does this give you a range of options for your morning commute, but it ensures that collaborations among businesses are easy to plan and carry out.

2.Access to talent pools 

With four internationally-renowned universities, and many more colleges, situated in Manchester, access to talent is inevitably strong – a huge benefit of basing a business here. Having access to a wide range of young, enthusiastic new graduates is a benefit that is often overlooked when deciding where to base businesses. 

Just out of university, graduates are almost always open to learning new ways of doing things. This gives businesses an opportunity to mould graduates into the ideal employee without having to backtrack and help them to break bad habits they’ve learnt from previous work places.

3.Reduction in living costs (instead of London)

Compared to living in the city centre of London, the price of living and renting in Manchester is hugely reduced. In fact, according to a study undertaken in 2022, rent prices in Manchester are 52.95% lower than in London. Considering Manchester is a city almost as large as London, this is a clear financial benefit of basing your business in Manchester for both yourself and your employees.

4.Diversity and culture

It’s estimated that there are around 200 languages spoken in Manchester, making the city almost as culturally diverse as London, linguistically speaking. Manchester itself has an annual international festival which celebrates new work from across the spectrum of visual and performing arts and music by artists from over 20 countries. 

There are huge benefits when it comes to basing your business somewhere with such a diversity. Individuals with different backgrounds can inspire creativity with workplaces as they often contribute unique ideas. This encourages varied perspectives, something that your business will be able to draw on when communicating across the board.

5.High-quality business amenities 

Serviced offices are one of the key amenities in Manchester, and indeed in other cities across the UK, that can be beneficial to businesses. Instead of having to fork out for a permanent space in an office building, you can lease flexible serviced offices in Manchester, meaning you’re not tied into any costly long-term contract. 

Another advantage is that networking is made easier in a serviced office. You’ll be certain to meet more like-minded people, and you’ll become familiar with the other businesses making use of the office, allowing you to gain access to new markets and build fruitful business relationships. This is particularly useful for rapidly growing businesses and those operating hybrid office models. 

Despite Manchester often being overlooked for London as the central location of businesses in the UK, the city boasts a plethora of underrated benefits for businesses, employers, and employees alike.