A startup is a freshly founded business that is marching towards a successful venture in the industry. These companies mainly focus on innovations and use the medium of digital media and the growing technology in the world. These techniques help them forge their road to maturation and achievements. The foundation of a Startup organization is laid by proper planning of their product design. It is in regards to both physical and digital aspects; the design has to speak for itself and fulfil customer demands. It is much more than just an appearance; it carries the thoughts and ideas put into creating it. There is a lot of competition in the market and hence, the product has to beat its competitors and race ahead!

In the “20 Startups to Watch in 2016” report by Forbes they have stated “Startup life is not about the spotlight. It’s about disruption. It’s about innovation.” Also, the criteria used to identify them was the business lifecycle, the investors backing the company, traction and the founding team.

Being a German Industrial Designer—Dieter Rams, who also works closely with consumer products organization called Braun has engineered the basic ten principles for a product design to be labelled as a ‘Good Design’ The design is not about how trendy and complex it appears, but it is about how the usefulness. The product design is outstanding only when it is simple and innovative. The consumers must know its purpose at the first glance, thus making it self-explanatory. Today’s use-and-throw behaviour of the customers tells that the products should not be manufactured on the basis of just quantity. These goods will be cheaper in cost as the company’s production neglects quality and focuses on great retails due to its inexpensiveness. Your design should not block your startup success before it even starts!

For a Startup business to mature into a renowned one, quality matters the most. Customers seek for a memorable experience with your products, so the design should be able to meet these high expectations. Customer engagement should be involved in the product development process in order to connect well with them. With the rise in Social Media, Blogs and YouTube, it is a piece of cake to ask the consumers about their opinions. Key fundamentals and flaws are figured out by engaging them in the early stages of product design.

According to the study, the startups that has a founder designer in the team are more successful than others in the market. However, this has been different for businesses like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, who only started off with an engineer and executive pair. A designer, business person and an engineer in startups forms the happy triangle that leaps to accomplishments and a strong future. So, where should we find the perfect product designer? The designer should have the ability to grasp your ideas and visions. He must think in the same direction as you and work on how your thoughts can be presented strongly. Whether it is a logo, a website design or a product your company is going to sell. You can meet your destined designer in the designer hubs like Zerply and Dribble. There are also organizations that just design custom printed boxes for your products to look more appealing! A lot of material and resources are available out there for your startup, it is you who has to grab on it and prove yourself in the market!