Marketing Strategies for Social Media

In the past, print and television advertisements were acceptable means of marketing; however, as technology has advanced, online advertising is essential for all companies. With the progression of Internet culture, social media has become an integral part of most companies’ online marketing campaigns.

In today’s online world, companies have shifted the focus of their marketing strategies to the consumer rather than the products or services themselves. Businesses need to combine research and outreach with the power of social media in order for to thrive online. Complemented with the proper tools and strategies for online marketing, profits will surely surge.


In 2016, Facebook Advertising was the number one social media platform for businesses to advertise on. With a large percentage of the world’s population using the social networking site, it is the most preferred platform to market products and services.

Facebook contains over 50 million small business pages that actively interact with consumers worldwide – creating a globally dynamic flow of products and services. Larger businesses are also utilizing Facebook for consumers to post comments, suggestions, and rate the products or services they offer. These consumer interactions are used to further improve upon what these companies have to offer.

Twitter & Instagram

Other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram may be used less than Facebook, but they are still major sources for online marking – especially with younger consumers.

Millennials are extremely active on Twitter and Instagram, so having pages for your business on these platforms will be exceptionally beneficial. You should create accounts for as many social media platforms as possible, as this will maximize the chances of consumers learning about your company. Social media users will have a greater chance of finding your business when you link your website to these social media sites too.

Active Engagement

Having accounts on various social media platforms is definitely helpful, but in order to truly utilize these sites’ potential, you need to actively engage your consumers. There are numerous business pages on social media platforms, but the ones that are extremely successful always interact with their consumers. It is essential for any business to keep in touch with its loyal customers, as it keeps them engaged and makes them feel involved in the company.


Keeping users connected to your company through social media is a necessary part of any online marketing strategy. In order for your business to thrive, you should actively engage your consumers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By constantly updating your pages on various social media sites, your business will surely thrive.