Meta Trader 4 is clearly one of the most popular trading platforms utilized by forex traders today. There are not one but several reasons why Meta Trader 4 enjoys such unprecedented popularity among forex traders today. Alternately called MT4, Meta Trader 4 remains one of the most user-friendly trading platforms selected by traders. It is just a matter of few minutes when it comes to downloading and installing the platform. There is no dearth of traders who provide their clients with this trading platform. Metaquotes was responsible for releasing it way back in 2005. There are a lot of newbie traders who are interested to find out more about this platform since most of them are usually advised to use it. So, here’s a rundown of the basic features and merits of MT4.

Meta Trader 4: Its basics explained

By now, you must have understood that Meta Trader 4 refers to a forex trading platform developed by Metaquotes software. The Forex brokers (well.. most of them)are licensed to provide this trading platform to all their clients. After setting up your account in Meta Trader 4, it will just take you around a week or so to learn the tactics of Forex. The platform possesses an uptime of less than 1%.

What should you find out about its advantages?

Traders can access a wide array of indicators, trading charts and such other analytic tools and place their trades in accordance. Experts opine that it is the wide availability of these analytic tools that have steered the popularity of Meta Trader 4. Newbie traders are always asked to exercise due discretion when it comes to selecting the trading platform they end up choosing because, at the end of the day this particular decision goes on to influence their winning chances in a major way. It is always advisable for you to select a trading system which has several accurate analytic tools that guide traders in predicting market movements properly. MT4, with so many analytical tools backing it, has naturally emerged as a favorite among users. In fact, end users can actually write and customize trading robots and scripts on their own. These trading robots, in future, can execute the trades on their (i.e. the traders’) behalf. Traders can use the proprietary MQL4 language to write these scripts.

Meta Trader 4 has a large user base. As such, it gets easier for new traders to pick up the tricks of the trade from several experienced traders out there. It is very important for traders to educate themselves about metatrader4 download before they start utilizing this platform to execute trades. So, when there are so many experienced users of MT4 around, it becomes easier for you seek answers to your queries and clarify your doubts.

There are few more advantages of Meta Trader 4 which you will come to know about as you start trading. There are several third-party developers who have written software bridges that actually help brokers to execute automatic position hedging by incorporating other trading platforms.