Metercloud of Greenbird provides Smart Metering


What does Metercloud of Greenbird company Do?

With of Greenbird provides big data integration applications (delivered as Orchestration-as-a-Service) for smart metering, smart grid, smart city and the Internet of Things. provides configurable business integration services in the cloud. disrupts the way business and system integration is solved.

Why do we need Metercloud of Greenbird?

Most industrialized countries in the world have requiremenst from regulators and the government to implement smart metering within the next 5-10 years.

WIth smart metering the amount of data will explode. Handling of metering data will require a boundaryless information flow. Utilties will face huge integration challenges.

Additional to that, utilities will need new methods to utilize metering data and the enomrous investment to generate effects with a smart grid / smart city.

Integration will be crucial / critical.

Therefor utilities will need to overcome integration challenges and enable the digital utility of the future.

Who is Metercloud of Greenbird for?

Utilities implementing smart metering and aiming to utilize the investemnts in a smart grid.

Muncipalities implemneting smart cities aiming positive environmental effects.

Oil & gas companies mainly within exploration and production aiming the realize the vision of a digital oilfield.

All other businesses aiming to utilize the Internet of Things.

What makes Metercloud of Greenbird stand out from Others? 

Instead of hiring expensive system integrators or consultants to implement custom integration solutions, gives utilities ready-to-use cloud based integration services reducing upfront investments, operational cost, time to market and enables the digital utility of the future.

What’s Next Greenbird? 

Greenbird aims to establish ecosystem where partners can contribute to implement applications and offer the through a Marketplace to any customer.