Most Reliable Forex Broker Directories On The Web


For novice traders access to vital information is the key to succeeding in the forex market. Although there are many websites that claim to provide information about forex brokers, the market, advice or even brokers or forex services review, getting a reliable and credible forex directory is very essential to navigating the risking market successfully.

Things you will you get in a reliable forex directory includes:

  • Live quotes, charts and even the chance to monitor the markets.
  • All inclusive analysis of all currencies, indices, commodities and even metals
  • Immediate news streaming

A good forex trading directory will also be able to help the trader:

Find the best Forex brokerage companies

If you are a forex trader that is searching for top and reputable forex brokers, you may be able to get all the information you need by using a reliable forex directory. This is very vital because you need ensure that your funds are secure while trading the market to succeed as a trader.

Ensure security of his funds

How an investors fund would be secured with a particular forex broker should be his or her utmost concern. Thus, forex directories that provide credible trading information to forex traders should have information about the majorities of popular forex brokers and how they have comfortably and flawlessly been able to secure their investors funds in the past.

It is understandable why this should be a trader’s initial trade of consideration.  The provision of this essential information will be highly beneficial to the trader when he or she decides the broker to work with. The forex directory should as well have information on the brokers’ trading platform and how reliable or user friendly the platforms.

Know how to track good forex trading companies

A good forex brokers’ directory will provide information on how you can track and spot a good broker. Reputable forex brokers commonly offer the following services:

  • A live news feed
  • Technical and Fundamental analysis
  • Charts
  • Webinars

Broker’s Transaction and execution costs

Forex directories will provide information on different brokers transaction costs. Most of the brokers will either deduct a commission or will have you pay them through increasing the spreads on each trade that you make.


Great information that you’ll find in forex directories to guide your trading activities is the regulation of brokers. Reliable forex directories will provide information about brokerages that are regulated and those not. And in addition offer the trader information on which regulatory body that is overseeing the activities of such a forex broker.

Good forex directories must also contain info about:

1. Top forex trading websites:

FXstreet – The company provides users with credible news, real time Forex analysis, real-time exchange rates, charts and an economic calendar.

DailyFX –a credible source of forex trading news and analysis and a trading website that comes with all the tools you need to succeed in the forex market

ForexCrunch – provide the foreign exchange market news, fundamentals of forex trading, forex analysis and technical analysis.

Actionforex comes with forex news, analysis, and educational resources features. – is a great source of finance information including Stocks, Indices, and Forex & Commodities. It has features for News, Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

2. Sites that provide Live Chart features:

TradingView –  provides the best forex charts and a community of investors who are zealous about sharing trading ideas.

FXStreet – provides Live charts

ProfitF – also provides Live Forex chart

3. Forex Forums:

ForexFactory — a well utilized Forex forum

Forex TSD — This Forex forum specializes in robots, forex indicators and other tools.

BabyPips– This forum provides information to beginners traders on how to trade the market.

Trade2win – Community website and forum for active traders that wants information on how to succeed stocks, futures, options and forex trading.

4. Analysis Services for FX accounts:

Myfxbook— analyze the activities of your trading account and shares it. It permits analysis detailed statistics from other traders.

FXblue  is a web-based service that analyzes trades from MT4, MT5, cTrader, Oanda fxTrade, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, FXCM TS2.

5. Financial News sites:

Bloomberg – Bloomberg Markets provides financial news, data, analysis, and financial market videos to the global community.

FInance.Yahoo – The most recent portal for obtaining financial news and the breaking stories in business, personal finance news.

Money.cnn – provide news about business, markets, technology and many more

Others include Reuters, The guardian and BBC markets.