Mousr: Fun and entertainment gadget for you cat

Mousr- The robotic mouse that plays with your cat by Petronics

What is Mousr For?

Mousr is the first and foremost robotic cat toy which can see and respond to a cat’s movements similar to a real mouse. Mousr is a little different from other battery-operated toys, which you may find at any pet shop. Even the most advanced one of those will have a very restricted range of movements. Mousr is far ahead of all those toys. The tiny mouse-shaped bot senses a cat’s movement from any direction and responds to it and tries to escape.

How Much Mousr Crowd Funded?

Mousr currently has 535 Backers. It has a goal of $100,000. 21 days are left to complete its bidding. Mousr is currently listed on

Is Mousr useful and exciting?

Mousr has a speaker, two multi-colored light eyes and exchangeable tails that makes it more alluring for your cat. Your cat will attempt to swipe for the toy and it will be capable of seeing it coming nearer and moving away. This will keep your cat entertained and amused for hours.

Mousr: What’s more?

It also has a secret speaker to append an audio element to the pursuit. The Petronics team at the back of this wonderful toy, Mousr is working on the development of a complete AI system for this toy so that it can learn and acclimatize to your cat’s manner of play. The company is also working on the development of a Smartphone app for iOS and Android. That’s one portion where this project has a lot to work on.