Android has been the favorite operating system that’s been widely used in more than 50 percent of the smartphones these days. And if you are an Android smartphone user then good news is on your way. Android has launched their next version i.e. 8.0 which is named after your favorite cookie – Oreo. Android Oreo comes with extended list of new exciting features. The latest smartphones will be getting their updates soon. With this new launch Android has gotten even faster, quicker, and smoother than it already was. The Android Oreo is equipped with number of latest features to make the UI much more interesting. Check out our article on what’s new in the Android Oreo.

About Android Oreo

Android is an open source project and is most preferred operating system across major smartphones. The initial updates were available for Google Pixel and Nexus devices but the latest 8.1 version is being rolled out for various smartphones. The initial release was fixed to be on December, 2017 and later on it is available for download. Keeping it easy for the users, this android version is embedded in all the latest smartphones including Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Blackberry, Nokia, Alcatel, Honor, and Asus. Else, if you don’t own one and planning to get hands on then,the mobile offers from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. are a must check.

Features of Android Oreo

  1. New Camera App

Android Oreo has added few new features to the camera app. These features will let you interact with your camera smoothly while taking your photography to a whole new level. The new features are introduced for Nexus and Google Pixel devices for starting. The features allow the user to zoom into the frame by just double tapping onto the screen. Additional new icons are added next to the shutter button so that you can easily switch between video and camera.

  1. New Emoticons

If you are a huge emoticon user then here’s the good news for you. With the latest update Android Oreo has included 50 new and redesigned emoticons. The emojis will be visible on your keyboard and all the apps that support emojis. Chatting is going to get much more interactive with the updated full-of-expressions emojis. This new emojis will support the Emoji 5.0 unicode standard.

  1. Multi-Window Feature

This is the most useful feature added in the all new Android Oreo. This multi-window feature allows you to use two apps at once. For example, if you are browsing through YouTube and you switch to another app then the YouTube app will still remain visible at the top in a silver bar. All you have to do is pull down the black bar to preview the app’s content or you can tap on the app and it will open in full window.

  1. Modified Notification Style

The most useful feature is the notification feature introduced in Android Oreo. Notification Dots are little dots that appear on top corners of app folders whenever new notification pops up. If you press and hold the app icon a pop-up will show you the notification and additional options to take specific actions on the notification.

The notifications which aren’t urgent the new Android Oreo lets you snooze the notification and you can choose them to reappear after a specific time. You just have to swipe to either side of the notification and select the time when you want it to appear again. You can also tweak some changes like setting a time after which notifications will disappear, change the background color of notification, etc.

  1. Better Battery Life

Android Oreo takes care of your phone’s battery life along with the new stylish look. The tests on Google Pixel proved that with Android Oreo the phone starts up twice as fast than Android Nougat. Two features have been added to save battery life viz. Execution limits and location limits. Execution limits controls the battery usage of the apps that aren’t running in the foreground and location limits prevents the apps using your phone’s location services extensively.

Additionally, the user is also given the option to control the battery usage. By viewing the comparison graph you can single out the most power-draining apps and close them. Select this apps from the settings menu.

  1. More Speed

Android’s Vital project has boosted the overall phone performance and speeded the functionality. The apps will load twice as faster than any of the Android’s previous versions. This feature was tested for phone booting, and with several apps like Google Sheets. Users can now work twice as faster and save a lot of precious time.

  1. Improvised Interface

The Android Oreo brings improvised user interface and a new look for the app layout. The users can use two apps at once which will save them a lot of time. You can send that important email along with watching your favorite video on YouTube. Also, Android’s strict guidelines on design will help create a peculiar visual interface across the apps. The app icons will also animate according to user’s interaction.

  1. Auto-Fill Feature

Make your life easier and let Android handle all your memorizing factors like emails and passwords. If you use a password manager then the all new Oreo version will make your life easy. The new auto-fill feature will fill in all the details in forms so that you don’t have to type again and again in each form. The new update is simpler than any third-party apps and will allow user to work around with it without any hassle.

  1. Google Play Protect Security

Smartphone security has become an essential part of our life. All of our important information is stored in that little device and therefore its security becomes a major concern. Android Oreo’s Google Play Protect is the new security service added which scans the new and existing apps time and again to check for any threats and risks. This feature can scan more than 50 billion app per day and if harmful app is found it will delete it from your device immediately.

  1. Smart Text Selection

Have you ever wanted to select a specific address or information from any particular website but ended up selecting everything? Then this feature is a boon for you. With Oreo’s smart text selection, you can just select that important address or business information or just anything that you need to select particularly.

How to Install Android Oreo?

To install Android Oreo on your phone firstly you need to register on the Android Beta program. Visit the Google website and click on ‘Enroll Device’ and select your compatible handset. Once you have agreed to Google’s terms and condition by enrolling in the program it will start searching the latest software update for your phone. The update notification will appear within 24 hours for the first-time enrollers. Once you receive the over-the-air update notification start downloading. It is advised to back up your phones data before installing the new software. Once download is finished the installation will start and it will take some time. The phone will reboot and you are ready to go with your fresh updated phone.

How Android Oreo is Better than any other Android version?

  • Improved performance than the last Android Nougat version.
  • Faster loading and app-to-app transitions
  • Multiple additional features like picture-in-picture
  • Improved battery performance and user interface
  • New notification settings with user control
  • Stylish improved app icons layout and notifications
  • Newly added emojis and more than previous versions

Android Oreo: The Performer

Android is the most used operating system platform and therefore is the most active in keeping their services up-to-date. Technology is improving day by day and Android is the fastest to keep up with the latest coming technology. Android Oreo’s launch has added multiple features which will make the user’s life easier, faster, and comfortable. Express more with the added features of Android Oreo and get your update today.