Need new electronic components or parts? Here’s what you should do now

When you work in manufacturing, a broken machine or the replacement of a particular component is, ultimately, unavoidable. But just because it’s bound to happen at some point, it doesn’t always mean that the solution and replacement process is an easy one. The pressure to get your teams, machines and assembly processes up and running again is on, but if your current procurement process is a little dated, and only exacerbates the issue, then it might be time for a rethink. 

Time is of the essence, and you need those parts fast! You don’t have time to compare the prices on different sites, different trade counters or anxiously wait for quotes via email or phone. You need to tackle this issue, now. This is where the BOM tool on Sourcengine comes in. 

More manufacturers and industry experts than ever before are turning to this simplistic yet highly effective approach to sourcing their electronic parts and components. With prices within your budget and guarantees on all parts, it’s hardly surprising that the BOM tool from Sourcengine is now considered an integral part of the procurement process.

Do you need new or replacement electronic component parts? Read on to find out what you should do next.  

Open your account at Sourcengine 

For access to millions of parts through thousands of high-quality vendors, you’ll need to sign up for a free account at This BOM management tool allows you to find the parts you need within seconds, arrange delivery times to suit you and monitor your BOM, costs and your orders. The entire process allows you to streamline the purchasing process and saves your business time and money.

Search for what you need

By uploading your BOM, you’ll be able to find all the parts you need within seconds. You can also search for parts individually if there’s only one thing you need. From data line filters to inverter transformers, batteries and mains transformers… the list goes on. With an extensive library of over 550 million parts, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at Sourcengine thanks to their list of fully vetted and traceable vendors

Choose the price range and logistics

Maybe you’re trying to cut back on your procurement spending, or you’re simply looking for the best deal. With the BOM tool from Sourcengine, you have the freedom to not only compare prices of the parts you need but to set your entire criteria based around your budget and your logistical requirements – you can even take full advantage of specific deals that are available.  

And finally, remember you’re covered

Finding all the parts you need efficiently and at the prices you need might seem too good to be true. However, you can rest assured as all parts purchased through Sourcengine’s extensive library come with a three-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection. For many companies, having a reliable and professional supplier is just as important as cheap prices and guaranteed deliveries. And with Sourcengine, you get all this and more.