New Generation of Businesses Flocking to Downtown LA


Downtown Los Angeles is the hub for many businesses and literally the spot for Los Anegeles’s economic processes. Before only traditional businesses can be seen in this part of the city but as time passes by, there are now businesses that never in your life you’ll imagine will thrive. Today, DTLA has a diverse and dynamic business ecosystem. It is now a mixture of traditional and modern businesses that surely brings a lot of job opportunities not only to the people of downtown Los Angeles but as well as the neighboring cities.

The DCBID made sure that downtown Los Angeles will be a thriving place for everyone. Some of the new generations of businesses that are flocking to downtown Los Angeles include the following:

  • Transportation industry 

No, this is not the usual transportation business. It is all about reinventing how you get to places. One of the companies that are dedicated to turning the transportation experience into a whole new level starts to use the so-called “tube technology.” It is three systems composed of vacuum, propulsion, and levitation. The original plan is to have it running and fully operational this 2021. 

  • Software 

Since the start of the 2000s era, software and computers in general are a big hit. However, they are becoming more extra because software geniuses are thinking of ways to use them in a more creative way. One company, in particular, is going to provide an all-in-one platform for businesses, organizations, political campaigns, and nonprofits. It will be a big project which will provide great opportunities to all sectors of society. 

  • Health technology (healthtech) 

It is all about using the latest technology to making buying health insurance easy, fast, and transparent. Each user will have pertinent records such as personal and health information which will be used to determining the best available plan. It will be helpful not only to usual people but to healthcare professionals too. 

  • Digital media 

The business of digital media will surely be a big hit this year and in the coming years. One company in downtown Los Angeles provides studio space for people and brands that want to craft creative content. The end product will be featured on different digital media platforms like TV and films. The goal is to let people know about your work. 

  • Sharing economy 

What’s with sharing business and why it is a big thing this year? with such a business category, people will be able to do the things they love best without having to spend a lot of money on tools and equipment. It is called the sharing economy because it provides almost everything, if not everything, from camping gear, storage space, and the likes. 

Basically, these are some of the industries that will definitely become a big player for the years to come. The presence of these businesses only goes to show how thriving the downtown LA community is. It has no other way but to go up.