Newswire is one of the best distribution platforms today. It is proven by their award-winning and press release distribution tactics that earn them a good reputation in the industry.

Let’s go through the services offered by the press release distribution service. This will give an opportunity to see if it is the right service you need for your business.

More About Newswire

Newswire was founded in 2004 and popular as a marketing and PR solution. The service helps businesses share their news, boost visibility, and target their audience across various channels.

It has a wide distribution network that connects brands to journalists, influencers, and media outlets. The features offered by the service include media monitoring, media database, media outreach, influence, newsrooms, and writing service. It excels in media distribution offering a wide exposure across different channels.


Newswire offers different subscriptions: single distribution, monthly and annual plans. The single distribution package is priced at $119 (Premium), $359 (Premium Plus), $699 (State Newsline), and $1, 199 (National Newsline) respectively.

There are three choices for a monthly subscription plan that includes $399 per month (Professional), $699 per month (Small Business), and $1, 599 per month (Enterprise). The Annual package comes at 20 percent off where their clients just have to pay $317 per month for the Professional plan, $558 per month for the Small Business, and $1, 271 per month for the Enterprise package. It also provides a customized plan for businesses that need a different distribution package.

What Newswire does best?

Based on comments, online reviews, and feedback, the service is known for its cost-effective pricing packages, customer service, and easy-to-use interface. Clients wrote that their service is easy for PR submissions, with a very supportive group, and a great option for expanding reach.


The single distribution plan features advanced distribution options for businesses. It offers exposure of stories on premium PR distribution (250 + media outlets), PR Newswire distribution to 1,000 outlets, Google News inclusion, syndication to Yahoo. Business Journals Network, Reuters, and the Associated Press (AP).

The Premium plan (single distribution plan) offers the basic distribution to 250+ outlets and Google News inclusion while the National Newsline plan provides all the distribution to media outlets.

Premium network distribution (250+)
PR Newswire distribution
Google News Inclusion
Yahoo News!
Business Journals Network
Associated Press


When it comes to features, all the single distribution packages offer industry lists, up to 6 hyperlinks in the release, up to 4 images, embedding of a video, adding of 2 more files, auto-post to FB and Twitter accounts, Share PR preview with team or clients, and publishing notification via email.

Up to 6 hyperlinks
Up to 4 images
Embed a video
Industry list 1 2 3 3
2 additional files
Autpost to FB and Twitter
Sharing PR preview with team and clients
Publish notification via email
2-tier editorial process from PR Newswire
Traditional reach in state print, TV and radio
National reach in newspapers, TV, radio & magazines


The wire service provides upgrades like expedite release processing and a featured image with PR Newswire. The Premium plan (most popular) comes with one featured image with PR Newswire, while the State Newsline and the National Newsline have automatic expedited release processing.

One featured image with PR Newswire Add on Add on
Expedited release processing


Receiving an analytics report is very important for brands in order to know the standing of their campaigns. Reports include the metrics that measure the success of a release.

It includes measuring the extent of coverage, such as the number and the reach of placements in print, online and broadcast, location within the placement, multimedia assets used, and brand messages delivered. Another important metric is visibility like who shared the release, which market is impacted by the campaign the most, and the extent that the story was shared.

It is important to know the geo-impact of the news that determines the area a story resonates. The company should also know the social shares metric that reflect the number of shares news received and the number of influencers who talked about a story.

Reports should include an engagement rate that measures the result on social media. Companies need to have an idea on the number of likes, shares, and comments that a particular release received. Don’t forget the metric that measures the amount of inbound traffic a release generated.

Newswire offers a detailed analytics report for all the single distribution plans. The Premium basic plan doesn’t include the PR Newswire visibility report.

Detailed analytics report
PR Newswire Visibility Report

Monthly & Annual Packages

The monthly and annual packages include distribution, media database, media monitoring, newsroom, and influence features. There are 3 types of plans under the monthly and annual subscriptions: Professional, Small Business, and Enterprise.

The monthly packages include Professional, Business and Enterprise options that distribute 2, 4 and 15 releases respectively for each month. All have distribution to 250+ outlets, Google News inclusion, an optionally extended distribution on Yahoo, Reuters, AP and more, industry list, hyperlinks, images and video inclusion, targeted auto campaign, and detailed analytics report.

Clients can get a 10 percent discount on wire distribution packages for the Professional, 15 percent discount for Small Business, and a 20 percent discount for Enterprise package.

Premium PRs 2 4 15
Premium network of 250+
Google News inclusion
Optional extended distribution
Industry list 1 1 1
Detailed analytics report
Discount on wire distribution packages 10% 15% 20%
Hyperlinks, images and video
Targeted auto campaign

The monthly and annual subscriptions include newsroom, media monitoring, media database, and influence features that aren’t offered for the single distribution plan. The most popular plan under the monthly and annual subscriptions is the Small Business package that costs $699 per month (monthly) and $558 per month (annual).


As a press release distribution service, Newswire received 4.3 out of 5 from G2Crowd. It’s a high score considering that the perfect score is 5.

The service received lots of good comments and feedback from their clients. Several companies admire them for their easy PR submission process. The platform is fast and easy to use, according to them. There is a quick PR form that they can fill up easily t submit a release.

It is also admired for its professional, quality service. The feedback includes being reliable when it comes to distribution. What people like the most is their support team that is available to chat and receive calls round-the-clock. It is often to see reviews that say how accessible customer service is.

The reviews also include good feedback to their staff who patiently assists their clients in the entire process. Aside from their professional customer service, they have an editorial team that is quick to assess releases and provide feedback to make it better.

There were also good reviews about their pricing. Clients like their cost-effective packages with comments like “Noone can beat their prices!”

People also noticed the easy navigation of the platform. Overall, they provide an excellent user experience. Others said that they are going to recommend the service to other businesses.

For improvement, they were looking for more customization features of the press release text. Others requested customization for their newsroom feature. Some find it confusing to navigate the wide options.

In general, Newswire received big thumbs up for its ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setting up. There is only one rater that gave them 2-stars.

Newswire received a total of 113 reviews as of this writing from a platform called Trustpilot. Based on results, it is excellent for 79 percent of users, great for the 6 percent, an average for the 4 percent, poor for the 4 percent, and bad for the 7 percent of users.

Like the reviews from the other review platforms, users commend the site for their easy-to-use interface, great price, accessible customer service support, and efficiency.

Others recommended that the site should make a few enhancements on its search options and targeting.

It offers different options to make it easy for clients to contact them. Their customer service can be reached via chat, phone, and email.

Choosing a reputable wire service is very important. It means you give importance to a company that has good standards in placing your news in front of your audience.

Aside from that, you must ensure that you work with a service that offers features and benefits fitted to your needs. Don’t forget that it must help you to get a good return-on-investment.

As a business, your exposures matter a lot to develop a strong brand. If you’re working with a quality online service, they can recommend the right frequency of issuing releases. The more often you are seen by your audience, the easiest for them to trust and see you as an expert brand.

When they begin to trust you, it is easier for them to make buying decisions. However, it takes a long time before you can develop strong brand awareness. Issue releases on a regular basis.

When you issue regular releases via a service, you’ll reach their network of journalists, influencers and media sites. Journalists will see you as a thought leader and a great source of information.

In times of a crisis, you’ll reach more journalists and media outlets that will help you mitigate the situation. You’ll reach more platforms that will place your message in front of your audience.

You’ll reach more places and locations when you work with good service. Since they are connected to a wide network, you can reach people who are impossible to reach if you didn’t use a good service.

Depending on who you want to target, you can reach local, regional, and national reporters and publications. You can work with a service that targets your relevant media.

With a vast network, potential customers and investors can easily see you. More businesses will have the interest to work with you. Potential customers can turn into leads and into buyers.

Issuing of releases through a reputable service can help you have more sales, gain credibility and establish your reputation. You can gain more collaboration with popular business partners that can help you grow your business.

Working with quality wire service ensures that you’re going to get a good outcome. “You get what you pay for.” There’s a reason why some services come with a price.

The best services provide quality features and benefits that can’t be seen in other services in the market. Their packages are carefully designed to give their clients excellent results.

A good service offers an opportunity for you to reach your audience. Do you need to reach the local, regional or national market? Are you targeting a particular industry, ethnic groups, demographics, or culture?

Take note of the features that matter to you. Do you need to customize content or visual content? Do you need add-on features? Pick a service that can support your communications and marketing programs.

If you are going to make decisions for your marketing campaigns, you must consider several factors. Consider getting a service that will help you achieve your goals, the one that will provide you with the highest ROI, and the one that fits your budget.

Newswire is one of the great options in the market today based on the reviews seen online. The positive feedback and reviews reflect that it is a professional press release service, providing quality results.