NextSmartShip Review: The Best Order Fulfillment Solution for Your Business


One of the most disappointing experiences for an online shopper is receiving their order late or never getting it. A negative customer experience like this one can ensure that they don’t shop with you again.

Getting the right order fulfillment partner must be a top priority for customer satisfaction as well as retention. The saturation of eCommerce businesses had led online shoppers to factor order delivery when making a buying decision. They compare online sellers based on delivery time, options, and cost.

If you haven’t put much thought into meeting your customer’s order fulfillment needs, here are some stats that show you it’s about time you did.

  • 46% of buyers abandoned a shopping cart due to long shipping times
  • 74% of buyers rate free shipping as a major factor in the checkout process for buying
  • 60% of customers opted for a competitor with more convenient delivery options

 NextSmartShip offers a simple and reliable order fulfillment strategy for your eCommerce shop or crowd funded campaign. It takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work that deal with picking and packing orders, storage, reverse logistics, custom clearance, and fulfillment guarantee. It helps you do all this without having to increase your prices to unacceptable levels.

Now the big question is whether NextSmartShip can handle the order fulfillment needs that are specific to your business. Well, let’s dive deeper into what NextSmartShip is all about and what it’s capable of handling.

What’s NextSmartShip?

NextSmartShip is a top full service fulfillment center that makes order fulfillment simple by providing eCommerce business, crowd funding, FBA prep services, and subscription box fulfillment.

It’s headquartered in Shenzen, China- the epicenter of global manufacturing. In addition, NextSmartShip has warehouses located across the USA, Australia, UK, and, Germany. This gives it a local presence around the world and comes in handy for online businesses with a global reach.

Unlike a standard third party service provider, NextSmartShip provides end-to-end logistics services that enhance your brand awareness efforts and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

So, what exactly does NextSmartShip have to offer?

 Let’s dive right in!

Ease of use

NextSmartShip strives to turn your order fulfillment nightmares into a blissful endeavor. It makes sure that the set up process is not complicated. So, instead of having complex tabulation or copying and pasting, its fulfillment integration automates all processes.

After the initial installation, you’ll be able to do the following tasks:

  • Auto-sync and track your fulfillment status
  • Send shipping updates and tracking numbers to customers
  • Choose between multiple fulfillment options
  • Track and monitor your logistics in real time

If dealing with these backend of order fulfillment account synchronizing scares you, they have the option of reaching out to one of their customer service team to set up the account for you.

Global warehousing

Global warehousing is one of NextSmartShip’s stand out features. Most people tend to source their products from China due to its booming manufacturing business. NextSmartShip is strategically located in Shenzhen, Guanzhou and the transit hub Hong Kong. They provide 90 days free storage of your products to reduce your fulfillment budget.

NextSmartShip also has a fulfillment center in the USA with warehouses situated in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austell, and New York. They offer 60 days free storage as well as end-to-end logistics.

If you have manufacturers in Berlin, Paris, London or any other European city, NextSmartShip has a fulfillment center in Europe. It provides 60 days free storage.

NextSmartShip also boasts a fulfillment center in Melbourne, Australia to help online retailers who sell to online buyers in Australia. It takes into consideration that Australia has the second highest online buyer penetration rate in the Asia-Pacific area.

Inventory management

NextSmartShip customers are able to manage their inventory centrally even if you have multiple suppliers and online stores. The data gets updated in real-time to prevent out-of-stock and overselling.

It provides accurate and efficient labeling so that your customers always get the right product ordered. NextSmartShip scans products into their inventory management system so you can track goods.

Services you can expect include:

  • Item inspection
  • Warehousing
  • Pick and pack
  • Labeling
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Custom packaging

Order management

NextSmartShip receives your products, unpacks and inspects them for damage. When orders get placed to your online store, you can auto-sync order to NextSmartShip’s fulfillment using the multi-platform integration.

As orders to your online store come in, NextSmartShip picks and packs products. They’ll also add any additional services you’ve requested and ship goods to your customers.

Tracking numbers are automatically generated and sent to your customers through email as orders ship. This way, customers can see the progress of their orders.

Value added services

NextSmartShip helps online businesses strengthen their brand identity by offering value added services. This also keeps operations costs low creating an efficient supply chain that’s cost effective.

Special protection for fragile products is one of the value added services offered. NextSmartShip ensures all orders are packed in the right sizes and add protective packaging such as airbags, foam, bubble wrapping, and wooden boxes to protect against collision and motion as goods are transported.

Secondly, NextSmartShip takes inspection photos of your products to make sure it meets your requirements. It also makes a thorough inspection of products sent from your manufacturers for defects.

In addition, NextSmartShip can handle printing and sticking SKU labels on your products. They also manage the kitting and assembly process for you.

To boost brand awareness, NextSmartShip helps you out with customized packaging. It helps you choose the appropriate packaging substances for your products. It also helps you add catalogs and thank you notes to take your product promotion to the next level.

Customer support

NextSmartShip’s customer support is unique in that it provides one-to-one customer service. This allows you to be in contact with a single person who knows your business well enough to provide the best advice when it comes to order fulfillment.

You don’t have to bring every representative up to speed with the issues you’re facing that are special to your type of business over and over again. Their personalized customer service approach lets their personnel function like an in-house extension of your business. This way, you’ll get a tailor-made fulfillment solution for your specific business.

Ecommerce platform integrations

NextSmartShip connects with all the commonly used eCommerce platforms, shipping carts, and marketplaces to help you manage all orders, tracking numbers, and inventory centrally.

The eCommerce platforms it seamlessly integrates with include:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • SquareSpace
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop

Marketplaces NextSmartShip connects with include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Etsy

The shipping couriers it works with to ensure products are delivered include:

  • TNT
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • EMS
  • FastWay
  • Australia Post

Who Should Consider Using NextSmartShip?

NextSmartShip is designed to fulfill orders for different industries. Its goal is to streamline order fulfillment operations so that online businesses are able to reach the global marketplace without any hassles.

Apart from eCommerce fulfillment, NextSmartShip provides crowd funding fulfillment services. This involves Kickstarter reward fulfillment, IndieGoGo reward fulfillment, Groupon fulfillment, and Flash sales. It offers flexible solutions for campaigns of any size as well as discounted shipping rates.

Similarly, NextSmartShip offers the FBA Prep service that helps you meet Amazon’s list of penalty fees and policies. It runs point of your FBA projects by acting as the middleman between FBA warehouses and your manufacturer.

This helps their clients enjoy the Amazon Prime memberships as well as free shipping offers.  This comes in handy when FBA keeps rejecting your items and you have zero time or energy to keep up with FBA policies and tons of different specifications for items.

NextSmartShip also offers subscription box fulfillment services. This ranges from custom packing to customizable kitting to help you take your brand experience a notch higher. Every month, you’ll be getting three photos that show you how they’ve assembled boxes. You have the freedom to select your preferred layout.


Order fulfillment can make or break your brand experience. NextSmartShip proves itself by utilizing cutting edge advancements to track shipments and manage inventory effortlessly. They get all this done by ensuring that their user interface is so easy to navigate. The one-click sync makes integration a breeze and the dedicated customer care ensures that issues are address promptly.